12 December 2014
Art Basel Miami, part 2
Tuesday was all about Peter Marino in Miami, sorry Chanel Arts et Métiers in Salzburg and the Victoria Secret’s Show step aside.

Peter Marino @ the Bass Museum of Art

As per Silvia Karman Cubina, Executive Director and Chief Curator the museum is to celebrate its first “fifty and really fabulous” years and the exhibition “Peter Marino: One Way” has taken center stage. Fruit of an extented collaboration with curator Jerome Sanz, it is meant to expose for the first time the complexity of the intertwining relationship of the architect with art, fashion and design.

He likes thinking of himself as an architect-slash-artist, and selon moi Marino is a modern Renaissance man: creating, collecting, collaborating and commissioning. Art, fashion and design all converge in his one way view.
“I see black and white, I don’t see grey” stated black-leather clad Marino from a room filled with skulls, bronze busts and a vitrine showcasing surgical instruments. In an effort to showcase his link with haute fashion and jewelry, one room is dedicated to the boutiques he designed all around the world for the most prominent fashion houses: looks like the Alphabet according to Peter Marino, from A like Armani to Z like Zegna.

Room by room, in a captivating evolution, Marino takes you in a sublime inter-disciplinary voyage, beginning with an all-black gallery screening Jean Cocteu’s Orpheus and ending with Gluck’s Orfeo e Euridice produced and designed by Marino in collaboration with Francesco Clemente and Raf Simons among others and performed in his New York apartment.
In between there’s Marino in its own entirety: architect, collaborating with artists, commissioning art for its projects, collecting antique art, bronze busts and skulls and ending to the skeleton of himself when 250 years old, black biker jacket still on. A force of nature.

Peter Marino recipient of the Visionary Award @ Design Miami.

For an unprecedented series of coincidences, Design Miami, celebrating its first 10 years, bestowed the first Visionary Award to man of the moment Peter Marino himself again. Marino has been busy as a bee with designing a celebratory hall in the tents of Design Miami with more black leather, his beloved bronze boxes, mirrors, pop-art and a selection of his 150-chair collection spanning from a Roman bench from some hundred years B.C. to one produced three months ago.

Dinners and more events only paid a toll to Mr. marino’s all-leather outfits: the stoicism under the constant 83 degrees weather and 80% humidity weather Miami granted us this year.
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