15 December 2014
Bentley Elements in the Design District.

This time the voyage started on board of a flaming orange Bentley, oh so Miami. And I left myself go, transported through the schizophrenic traffic of Miami from glitzy and frenetic Miami beach to pulsating Design District. The ride was the first step into a parallel world, the one of luxury where everything is tufted and smooth.
From the collaboration of Bentley motors with creative duo Campbell-Rey was born a series of art meets design installations intended to celebrate craftsmanship, tradition and sophisticated technology that coexist within the brand.

The series debuted with Light by Massimo Uberti and deliberately positioned far away from the noisy crowds, in a warehouse with tinted windows, cement floors and exposed beams brightened only by the installation itself: thousands of watts of lights transported by hand-blown glass tubes that seemed graciously flown from the sky and suspended, in time and space.
Knowing that I was going to meet Mr. Uberti I force to an halt the journalistic temptation of documenting myself on who, what, where and why and I let myself drawn in. An arch, that recalled one of the many Roman arches in Italy, a working desk that reminded me of my great-grandfather who was a carpenter, a chair, window and a patio: the first thing you want to do is go in this “dreamlike poetic space that allow for reflection – something that I think is necessary to everybody” quoting Mr. Uberti.

“In reality, when they ask me how do I begin a project, I need my desk, a chair and a pencil and I draw like this” BTW, that “like this” became a doodle signed Massimo Uberti that I cherish as genius express lane live.
Once again during this Miami Art Week I found myself in front of the perfect example of #theItalianway: luxury in minimalism, sophisticated craftsmanship, art, history, design all in intelligent details.

“How do all these neon tubes stand?” I know it was a dumb question, but it seemed delicately standing, yet it gave the impression that a lot of hours were behind that effortlessness. The answer required basic architecture, chemistry, engineer, mathematics, algebra knowledge that all translated into: “go in but remember you can get electrocuted if you touch anything and/or ever break a tube” in my Romantic mind.

I made it through the ideal studio without damaging anything and doing the whole experience, rather of Leonardo da Vinci remembrance. Purity, luxury, sophistication, sumptuousness and minimalism all in one brought Campbell-Rey from Crewe, England to architect of light Massimo Uberti.

Well done Made in Italy n.3

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