18 November 2014
Welcome back to all those mums (and dads) who follow my Kids section. Today I will let Cristina speak, our herbalist, naturopathy expert, all-rounder mother and much more...

Here I am, trying to write something about me, which is a hard task I must say. But I'll try.

I'm Cristina Avancini, I'm 39 years old and I come from Vicenza. After high school I studied oriental languages at university, where I got to know oriental medicine as well. Then I got a degree in Herbalist Techniques at the faculty of Pharmacy in Padua and two masters in natural nutrition with professor Morelli (the editor of Riza) in Milan and in naturopathy with doctor Rudy Lanza in Turin.

During the years and thanks to various courses I discovered my passion for PNEI, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology, a bombast that represents the will of providing balance in our bodies, something incredibly useful for the diet and the nutritional supplementation of my patients.

In 2002 I opened my herbalist shop in Sandrigo, which is called Erboristeria Soleluna. Although I work there, for several years I've also worked as naturopath and I offer specific consultations on nutrition and tests for food intolerances.

Moreover, I'm all wrapped up in the group of children I work with. As a matter of fact last year I started a project, almost by chance, which is called “Erbette follette” (which means something like “pixie herbs”) and its goal is to introduce children to some botanical curiosities and to let them know about the wat herbs can be used in the kitchen. In the workshops we really make objects with sustainable materials but we also cook! Fun is guaranteed! What children does not like to literally put a finger in the pie? The project was even awarded with the “Sana Award Benessere”, the international award dedicated to natural activities, in the communication section.

In my private life I'm wife and mother of the ordinary type. I have a son, Mattia, who's 6 years old, and thousands of things to do! But I always try to my best! I'm keen on travelling and always ready to go and discover new destinations, if possible involving all the people I love! In my monthly appointment with Ddmag kids I will talk about kids, but also directly to kids maybe, and deal with topics like kids' nutrition, the natural treatments to their physical discomforts, games, travels and initiatives I share with other bloggers on the net.

Thanks Cristina and see you very soon!

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