17 November 2014
Contemporary Instanbul Art show
When I met the first time with Dilara Akay in 1996 she was one of the designer for “Dice Kayek” in Paris.She actually created the famous brand “Dice Kayek”.They stated with white shirts for ladies.First time when ı saw their white shirt ı have falled in love with the design.Their name was not big and famous then; ıt was begining of 90’s. White shirts were so unique,so special and so feminen.Then Dilara after few years left Dice Kayek and progress and involved in design and fashion projects .She created important international brand “David People” (DPGC)
Many years she lived and worked in New York and Shanghai.So we lost our contact but I always follow her work. After many years we met again by chance in Brussels.She said she left fashion business and she started doing scultures.And move back to İstanbul and opened her own gallery and studio.I said İstanbul is lucky to have you again,such a intelligent-creative artist and designer...Very soon ı wouldn’t suprise ıf she creates a new brand from zero ! Here you are Dilara and her sculture...Enjoy it!

Can you tell us about your works: why do you call them ARK's?

I create works that examine the static and dynamic mechanisms of sculpture. They are sometimes installations, public art, happenings and/or social sculptures. I give them a generic name as ARK and I number each one.

Could you tell us about your art platform HAYAKA ARTI? How can you handle both positions: being the director of the plaatform and being an artist?

The platform I have founded can be considered as a social sculpture. I am looking for new forms and formats to engage social issues and environmental concerns into art. I believe art is a great tool for activism.

Can you tell us more about your studio?

I have been using (and letting use) my studio as an experimental art 'space' for events and projects of HAYAKA ARTI art platform. For example I have hosted real/physical exhibitions of my internet gallery project: www.interfacegallery.com and hosted workshops with the neighborhood children between the years 2008-2014, as well as many other events.

Working with neighborhood childen is a great idea. How did you come out with it?

It is another artist project that I have hosted in my studio. For many years volenteer artist friends have joined weekly workshops to meet and work with the neigborhood children. The main aim was to introduce possibility of free expression through artisric language to the underprivilaged future generations.

What are the pros and cons of living and working as an artist in Istanbul?

Istanbul is very rich in history and geography and at the same time we are dealing with a lot of unpleasing social issues. At one side these conditions give a lot of dynamism for the creative mind. On the other side the art activities are not supported by any state policy and we, as artists, have to deal with our own unknown, unfunded future.

With all tention in the geography how is the art market in Turkey? How do you see the arts in the world? What are trends?

Unfortunately the contemporary art market is facing narrow circumstances. I believe it applies to the whole world. With the war going on at our border; my only aim is to invite critical thinking through my art practices. All these conditions today challange our imagination and we all search for new art forms and formats that inspires to take more responsibility in creating our future. For example in 21 December 2014, I will be organizing a special happening in Istanbul as a contribution to Michalengelo Pistoletto's Third Paradise / Rebirth-day, this will give me the chance to be a part of a global artwork and celebrate the worldwide day of change with others.
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