19 November 2014
Petite Lalà
I don’t know if it happens to you as well, but to Luisa and I the coming of winter (and Christmas) means rediscover manual skills and creativity in decorating, making gifts and furnishing. After a little research we bumped into Petite Lalà by Silvia Scarabello. Silvia enjoys creating set-ups to make any occasion unforgettable, especially weddings, party for kids and special shop windows. Let us introduce her to you:

How creative was the “petite” Silvia?

My mother tells me that when I was in my room alone my favourite game was to move and modify objects to give them a new life. She always wondered where I could find the inspiration for original new ideas without remembering that I had an aunt who incited my curiosity. Adolescence brought me to study something completely different from what I do now. After many years this love for the creativity came to light again when I met a special person (who’s unfortunately no longer among us) and when I gave birth to my two babies my passion became even stronger.

Would you tell us the origin of the name Petite Lalà?

The name I wanted to give to this project is “Petit Lalà” because it remembers me of my childhood and that of my babies, who are my source of inspiration. “Lalà” is like a nursery rhyme, like the refrain that my babies used to sing when they were playing. It’s a name which evoke fantasy, feast and tranquillity, key words in my works, which want to make every moment of life and each corner at home welcoming and unforgettable.

On your workbench now there’s:

A lot of imagination! Which expresses itself each time through ribbons and bows (which are my passion), fabrics and flowers. In general I enjoy using objects which will lose their primary application: without poetic licences the world would be a banal place… Old books found in the warehouse of a second-hand dealer become the background of a special dinner in the beginning of the summer. Sheet music can decorate the table of a special celebration. Fabrics envelops particular and original invitations. Simple and natural materials make a picnic in the green of the countryside unforgettable.

Would you tell us how the creative process happens, from the idea to the realization, passing through the research of the material?

Ideas come up to me without order or rules, very often just watching what surrounds me, let it be a landscape, a shop window, an object, a magazine or a book. When I identify the theme of the project, which is made by colours, contents and environments, I start looking for materials, objects and details which can turn the original idea into reality. This search is made among the things I already have, or which I buy during my “explorative expeditions” without limits, considering my curiosity and my passion for beauty. During the realization I give vent to my imagination, without following a precise tactic, improvise and change the “scenic design” also at the very last moment.

Your first project and the last one. Is it the shop window/set-up you dream to curate?

The first project I remember with particular affection is the set-up for my daughter Matilde’s birthday party, who expressed the wish of a party among American Indians. All the present children, as little Native Americans, wore shiny feathers created especially for the occasion. The table was set with natural materials such as wood, bamboo and recycled paper decorated with fat plants and sand, like little cactus in the desert. As a background white tents and bonfires to roast little marshmallows. The last project I’m working on is the realization of Christmas decorations: particular theme Christmas trees, set-ups for feast tables, to make special family or business suppers, and other objects which will warm up our houses.

We are looking forward to start decorating for Christmas! How about you?

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