30 June 2014
During summer we like chilling outside with our most intimate friends and wait for the sunset, surrounded by nice people and things… We like even more taking part to summer events, with dream outdoor furniture, or to weddings, which are very often celebrated in this season. We asked Vinicio in a little interview how to live at best these emotions and events:

Vinicio, how would you describe yourself and your events?
Myself… I am an “over-the-top” emotional planner. Surely my artistic flair always creates unique and stylish events, but it is creativity that actually matters to make something tasteful and unforgettable.

What makes the difference in your personal touch?
What I have to offer: attention to detail, passion for design, experimenting new entertainment forms convey in a perfect atmosphere. Live furniture, people becoming “characters” of a story ready to be told to my guests, who will be surprised from the very beginning.

Not only a wedding: for example?
Organizing a business event is a multidimensional marketing profession, but most of all a creative and stylish experience, a mixture of inventive, logistical and technical aspects which lead to its success. An event doesn’t only mean launching a new product or celebrating an anniversary, but it can and has to become a holistic and sensory experience. It promotes relationship mutuality, it offers a brand to the public and therefore becomes a functional instrument for the company.

What’s an emotion for you?
Emotions are chords which should vibrate to arouse unique and once-off occurrences.

Your motto?
“Stand out and not die out”.

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