01 July 2014
The blog Vendetta Uncinetta (The Handmade Revenge)is a laugh: learning and having fun is the best you can have and Gaia Segattini, its writer, knows it very well. Her irony can reach our sleepy creativity through tutorials, books and recipes. Are you ready to get to know her?

Hello Gaia, do you remember the colour of your first crochet hooks? Did you buy them or were they a present?

At the beginning I used to work with my mother’s hooks, they were made of aluminium, coloured, beautiful. I usually use No.4, I have a red and a purple one. I’ve always worked better with those, I can’t work with plastic or bamboo hooks. Although I have recently bought a pair of ergonomic hooks by Clover and I’m very happy with it.

Handicraft demands a lot of patience: is it a natural gift or do you acquire it along the way?

As far as I’m concerned, it is not a natural gift at all! Actually, I’m a very impatient person, but crochet and needlecraft taught me the art of waiting and of calculating more time than the one I thought it was needed. But I still tend to realize easy but impressive projects, which people appreciate the most. I do have some never-ending work in project, though: a hexipuff cover (modular stuffed hexagons)which will surely take me years to finish it, but it’s my first long-term project! And a cardigan for myself, but sleeves are still missing…

What’s your last work? And something that really thrilled you?

I like crocheting not to create an entire garment but to personalise a shirt or jersey already existing. I find it more challenging and funny and the result is more fashionable. In fact, I have just covered a t-shirt with crocheted cherries! I find Laura Soria’s works very impressive and interesting (https://www.facebook.com/laura.soria.54?ref=ts&fref=ts), for example, I especially loved her crochet espadrilles.

Why is handicraft so beautiful?

Because it takes you so long, you understand its steps, its difficulties and therefore it has more affective value. And for what I’m concerned, it has let me know awesome people from Italy and abroad.

Summer’s coming: what do you suggest we learn in our free time to empty our minds?

We sometimes tend to identify the object with the technique, but it doesn’t happen with more legitimised handcrafted arts: carpenters can make rustic or minimal chests for our office, why do we think that you can make only earrings with macramé? I’d like to have more time to learn all existing techniques and reinvent their style, e.g. the macramé technique.

You can follow Gaia and her projects also on Vanity Fair and Frizzi Frizzi: you’ll learn a lot!

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