07 April 2014
Vinicio Mascarello creates emotions. Not just events, not just perfect ceremonies and exclusive parties, as the excellent wedding planner that he is: Vinicio is something more, because… he sees something more. He conceives, creates,  plans, coordinates and takes care of everything that a modern fairytale requires, so as to make every wedding unique and unforgettable. 
Thanks to his artistry in shaping and giving life to a wedding event, from this issue on he is going to present you the “Vinicio Emotional – I love Wedding” section. Vinicio gathers information, carries out research, uses all his creativity and wit and has the best contacts to finally make every couple’s dreams come true. “I love weddings! I love the attention to detail, and I love everything that has to do with Beauty. In this section I am going to share this passion of mine and many sides of my work with all those who will care to read. We are going to deal with many different topics: party planning, bon ton, wedding project and wedding lab, ring design and cake design, honeymoon planning, setting and style, theme party and locations, parties and ceremonies.”

Every respectable party deserves a proper organization. Remember that a wedding party is the climax of the wish for perfection and happiness that every couple dreams of. In fact, the celebration of this special occasion is also an actual plunge into the couple’s world: in fact, for the organization of the party they use their style, taste and personality. 
Here are the top ten Vinix-Rules for a perfect party!

1. The final countdown…. With your friends
The night before the ceremony can be a series of unfinished things still to be taken care of. The best way to be relaxed on your wedding morning is to gather your closest friends and the people that you appointed to particular tasks to do a general recap. In particular, your most faithful friends will have to use all their PR skills to help you managing all the guests, who might not know each other until that very day. So they will have to be relaxed and welcoming. But for you, remember to end your day with a light note: a hot infusion, a warm bath and straight to bed!

2. An enjoyable position for everyone
Your cousin’s mother-in-law has nothing in common with your best friend’s brother’s fiancée? Your  friend’s sister-in-law frowns at the presence of your cousin’s sister because of an old, old fight? No problem: the first rule for a good wedding  party is to have happy and lively tables. Do not leave the table disposition to chance, but organize it smartly: arrange your guests according to age, family relations, friendship, affinities. This will guarantee lively tables and happy guests for many hours.

3. The menu that you like
To buffet or not to buffet? That the question – since forever. A buffet meal is generally considered to be more “friendly” for everybody. Everyone can order what they like, enjoying a free and wide choice. A buffet also contributes to freshen the atmosphere and make it more friendly. Alternatively, if you choose a lunch or dinner à la carte, with fixed servings and dishes, the   arduous task of picking tasty dishes that everybody likes is only yours. And don’t forget the special dishes for children and for the intolerants. The guests are to be fed….. but also spoiled with taste.

4. La musique? Fantastique!
Music has to be fitting and to meet every taste. These are the keywords for a great soundtrack of an important occasion. Both the dj and the band will have to be fully aware of the kind of music to be played at the party: ballroom dance for the elderly, catchy music for the children, and pop, rock and fusion for young people. Unless you have special requests, the most lively music is definitely to be played towards the end, when the youngsters hit the dancefloor. And don’t forget some lounge music during the buffet or dinner. The atmosphere cannot but benefit from it.

5. A special treat for children
For the good outcome of the party it is essential to create some special spots for children, especially on occasions in which they are numerous: this is for them, but for parents too, so that they can enjoy the party. The choice is yours: clowns, entertainers, magicians will dedicate their tricks and jokes only for your children’s amusement. The important thing is the smile of your child after the party.

6. Relax for everyone
For high-class and unique events, a chill-out spot is an increasingly frequent request: a 
quiet corner, minimal but chic, set up with sofas and dim lights, where silence and peace prevail. Yes, just a few metres away from the party, the Dj, the loud music and the sumptuous tables with  waiters coming and going, right here is a magnificent oasis of calm, where the guest will find some time to rest. Not to mention how useful it could be for the newlyweds!

7. A thorough test of the facilities

Watchword: comfort for everyone, always. Before the event, the location has to be thoroughly checked, not only from the essential points of view of setting and theme, but also from the point of view of primary facilities. The more people will attend the party, the more facilities and comfort for everyone will be needed: hangers, chairs, toilets. So bear in mind that all this is perfectly functioning and right at their place. 

Your guests have to be amazed and ….. amused! And you have to have them live their dream, like the newlyweds. A good idea to make your party unforgettable for all your guests can be a surprise right in the middle or towards the end of the party (and why not, to avoid the more “ inactive” moments). Be it a funny or sophisticated, coloured or dream-like surprise, the hints can be many: from the launch of paper lanterns to an actual fireworks show, or else a doves’ flight or classic balloons, you are spoiled for….surprise! 

9. Safety first 
After the party, after the crazy dance, after the toasts, a really thoughtful service for your guests is to provide them with the taxi telephone numbers to go home at night. Or, an even better idea is to organize a small shuttle to and from the location, both for the going and return. There is no better way to make your guests comfortable and have them enjoy the party at 360° without having to worry about the “after”.

10. An expert and creative mind just for you
Sometimes it’s only a question of optimizing the schedule or of having some ideas that can come into being with the right supplier. This is what wedding planners are for: Vinicio conceives and organizes a tailor-made party especially for you. What are you waiting for? His expertise and creativity will give you only excellent ideas!


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