04 April 2014

The International Milan Design Week is coming up! In fact, April 8th is the day of the launch of the Milan Furniture Fair. We are going to be there to show you the event from our perspective and introduce you to some new products that we can't wait to get our hands on.

Determined, irregular and unexpected... Dadì by Giampaolo Allocco changes its appearance and proportions according to the perspective you look at it from. This Dadì lamp is made of a metal foil, folded in order to create a sort of monolith, fragmented by oblique cuts.

Enrico Azzimonti made an incredible halogen lamp with a removable lamp cover that allows you to set the brightness to your taste by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light emitted. It got its name (Zak) because, when in need, it works as an emergency lamp in the blink of an eye.

These alarm clocks by the French brand Lexon (that specializes in technological but eco-friendly everyday objects) are the result of thoughts and visions coming from different cultures and perspectives. The extreme attention for details and the careful research of materials come from a deep knowledge of the past, that not once falls back into nostalgia.

Makio Hasuike, thanks to his joyful and carefree vision, designed 'Cuddle', an armchair that makes us think of a familiar and happy atmosphere, intended for relax. This armchair is intuitive and empathic because, even though its first purpose is of primary importance, in addition it also conveys a sense of comfort and aesthetic pleasure that goes straight to our inner being. Its soft and sinuous shape warps under pressure and its fabric stretches, ideally 'embracing' the person sat on it. This interaction between objects and people is very surprising because of its spontaneity, and we feel softly cuddled: very interesting.

Victory Garden, a collection of 'multi-purpose green tables', are small domestic vegetable gardens, with very well-finished design and functionalities, that are perfect for every indoor or outdoor area. They can also be used for horticultural therapy, an activity which gained a lot of popularity in the last period.

And last but not least: Mumac Bee, a Piaggio Ape converted into an itinerant coffee bar. This Ape comes with a coffee machine and it will cross the main streets of Milan and even stop in some hot spots of Milan Design Week. In fact, a coffee break is great for recovering strength, but also for planning a visit to MUMAC, the Museum of Coffee-Making Machines of Cimbali Group, which hosts an amazing collection of espresso coffee machines.

Did we arouse your interest? Get ready to our next discoveries in this eclectic world.


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