24 November 2014
San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge
Wood, water, fire and stone: a mountain hut revives by going back to its deepest origin, finding again perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds it and its history. Let’s discover the fantastic high-flying renovation of San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge with the help of Elisabetta, the editor of the Blog called “Dettagli Home Decor”, that is, Home Décor Details.
Stephan Dellago and Cristina Biasi von Berg ratified the project of renovation and interior design of an old mountain farmstead transformed into a luxury alpine lodge where tradition and sustainable solutions meet harmoniously.

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, which is situated in Val Pusteria, was once a mountain hut used during hunting periods and, despite the great renovation, it has maintained its peculiar structure.
The ground floor is characterised by masonry whitewashed walls according to the ancient technique of the spatula that provides an irregular effect, while the first floor is completely made of wood. While working, the designers tried to use only the original wood, and not the one belonging to the surrounding environment. Also the old wooden doors have been restored and put in their original positions, just like the balconies, the windows, which now look again as they did in the past, and the he roof, which has been renovated according to the local tradition using larch wood. However, the most important and also the most demanding task was to establish an under floor heating system. To do that, the floors have been cautiously removed in order to be able to reposition them in the same way later. This was done in all rooms except in the entrance. The whole building has a modern heating system alimented by the wood coming regularly from the annual tidying up of the environment around the lodge. The masonry stove and the fireplace make the atmosphere warm and cosy and the spring water is the cherry on top of this environmental-friendly project.

The choice of the materials used and the furnishing of the internal is the expression of the decision to follow a sense of sustainable authenticity. When it wasn’t possible to renovate the original pieces, like for instance in the case of the internal girders, they were substituted by girders from the near huts, or by some new ones created with the wood coming from the property of the lodge. Larch and spruce wood combined with local quartz stone make the internal fascinating and luxury design puts the final touch to this charming atmosphere. Furniture and lighting have been realised by local artisans who worked according to the project of the purchasers.

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a perfect example of how an old building can be made to come to life respecting ancient traditions and, of course, the environment.


Thanks a lot to our fantastic design editor.

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