28 March 2013
Giulia has a beautiful shop
Every woman has a best friend, one of those that makes you want just to look at and have the courage to make major decisions that change your life. Mine is Julia and his new project is an e-commerce site dedicated to jewelry, vital and beautiful. Like her.

"Giuliahasabeautifulshop" you tell us?

I chose to call it, this space non-physical but very much alive: with an expression rather than a name. Because I wanted it deeply beautiful. I wanted that one could breathe a well-defined personality, you can imagine the shop windows, watching the inside walls, hear my handshake, smile and see the style of those who choose and wear these jewels. Yes, I wanted to be a store accessible from all around the world. A virtual store, but also a strong physical and heavily mine.

How would you describe the jewelry that you propose in your e-shop?

They are jewels that speak because their choice is based on the sensitivity, in my feeling, from the never-ending quest, with an intense passion, strong friendships and my essential travel. It 'also the strong affective component and personal data from the gaze and heart, experience and curiosity.

What is the best way to start shopping in Giuliahasabeautifulshop?

My advice is to experience it like a real store and then take the time to observe the stylistic choices of the site, maybe you can see the furniture in a boutique, or to learn more about the "behind the scenes" section of the My Places takes you to the places in my heart, my Charity find projects that support humanitarian and my Friends I collected interviews with designers who found in e-commerce. It 's my virtual way to welcome you, making you feel part of a history and a place to come and dwell in its purchase decision perfect for every need.

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