02 April 2014
Instagram is one of our favourite passions. Here we can share the things we love that we captured from our own perspective, but at the same time this social network allows us to find out many other points of view existing in the world. One of the most original ones is surely that of Simona Bortolotto, who, thanks to Instagram, became an artist in 2011. Her elaborated photographs originate as mere pictures made with a mobile phone, but she carefully turns them into works of art, presenting dreamlike women like Franca Sozzani, the director of Vogue Italy. We fell in love with her compositions and we look forward to introducing her to you in this interview full of magic and inspiration.

When you take your photograph do you already know how you are going to edit it or is the creative process always a mystery?

My snapshots belong to my everyday life and capture what strikes me. It could be a plate in a restaurant or a flower in a vase. The composition of the image is instinctive and not rational. Only later I try to interpret them according to my mood.

Why do you portray only women?

The woman is a sort of obsession for me. I love the sensuality, the elegance and the class a woman body can express.

A famous face from the past or from today you would like to portray?

Surely the faces of the past are the ones that I believe to be the most attractive, let alone their fame. Today I find it difficult to come across that placid and never aggressive femininity.

Your favourite symbol?

If we consider freedom a symbol then I would say that this is my favourite and it is also the one I mostly associate to women. I usually use flowers, butterflies, birds and cages to represent it. Everything screams independence, a mental and a physical one and why not, an economic one as well. The woman as the centre of her own self.

You like vintage style. What age inspires you the most? And what’s the one in which you would have liked to live?

The women I like belong to the first half of the XX century. Paradoxically, they were not very free and subjugated to men but they were dignified. Their looks were subdued, but fascinating and elegant. I would have loved to live in that period of time, but of course I would have fight for my rights.

We invite you to read her story and to leaf through her works in her website www.simonabertolotto.it. Before doing that, however, check her Instagram profile…who knows what dream she will take you to…
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