26 November 2014
The rabbit project
Instagram is our favourite social media: it’s here that we “discovered” and started to follow some of the personalities that we interviewed for our magazine, as well as a very original photographic project. What are we talking about? The Rabbit Project!

The Rabbit of the Rabbit Project is white and has to tumble down a hole: it remembers us the one of Alice in Wonderland. Is it right?

Yes, our rabbit is a little bit like Alice’s White Rabbit and maybe also Rabbits by Lynch. The bio of our Instagram profile is actually a quote from Carroll’s book and the tone of some shots evokes the atmospheres of Lynch, in a very playful way. The rabbit is a character hanging in the balance between fairy tale and disturbing irony. Among stuffed animals and dark dens. Now we may invent an iconographical and quotations research, but at the end of the day is simply a funny game among friends.

What’s the rabbit made of and who designed it?

Nobody knows it. It’s a mystery within a rebus inside an enigma.

Tell us the project as you told it the first time to those who wore the mask.

The Rabbit Project was born as a joke among four friends mad for the social medias and photography: @anthonylate, @buddybdradley, @emme_enne, @inautshell. We decide to purchase a mask for a birthday party and we immediately shoot the first pictures during a launch break. Back in the studio we create an Instagram profile, a Tumblr and a Facebook page of the project. The idea is to play with the concept of identity on the web, the alter ego, the doubling and the virtual reality which allow us to interact with different personalities and aspects of our personality. “A personality which therefore becomes multiple, hybrid, creative”. In the project we are all rabbits, we all wear the same mask, but we are all different, we interpret and make different expressions. Between Pirandello and web 2.0. A multiple voices monologue. We could go on rambling on all this… Rabbit Project is first of all a viral experiment, created with the participation of bloggers, instagrammers and influencers.

The first person who wore it? And the last?

The first rabbit is the Rabbit, @anthonylate. And then, who’s on next?

Do you think there will be also a “The Cat/Dog/Mouse/Lion/Unicorn Project”?

Never. The Rabbit is the one.

Thanks guys!

Ps: Do you recognize the last two bunny girls?

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