07 November 2014
Despite the little time we have for reading, to Luisa and I books are a real passion. This week, inspired by the autumn rain, we posted twice about books and now we want to conclude by suggesting our personal books list in an unconventional scenery: a boatyard. Interested? Skim through the gallery and start reading with us:

Eat Me! By Cookie Girl (Ebury Press).

Irresistible cupcakes and cookies recipes from the famous blog Cookie girl. Pictures are simply mouth-watering!

Two in the Bush by Gerald Durrell (Collins).

In the year 1966, well-known biologist and naturalist Gerald Durrell wrote an “ecological” book which shows the endangered species. A travel and scientific book, still effective more than fifty years from its first edition.

L’arte di camminare [The Art of Walking] by Luca Gianotti (Ediciclo)

Actually there’s no need of an “Art of Walking”. We learnt it as kids and never forgot it. You only need to stand up, step out of the door and start walking. But to do it consciously you need a couple of premises. This book, written especially for those who are willing to start a long journey, teaches us how to start with the right foot.

Il sussurro degli alberi [The Whispering of the Trees] by Tiziano Fratus (Ediciclo)

This writer curates a weekly column on La Stampa [Italian newspaper] and in this book he accompanies us along narrow paths to visit the monuments of nature and hear their voice.

Viaggiator curioso [Inquiring Traveller] by Fosco Maraini (Passigli)

Book of conversations with Maria Pia Simonetti and Fosco Maraini, anthropologist, photographer, orientalist, writer and traveller. This book puts us in contact with one of the most fascinating personalities of our time: a man who struggles to find a collocation in the world. An existential visit card.

Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger (Nbm Pub Co)

Only a few know that Christian Dior’s career lasted only ten years; even fewer know how much the French designer influenced fashion after WWII. Anne Goetzinger tells it with a profound narrative elegance in this graphic novel.

Enjoy the read!

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