05 November 2014
After Isabella’s tips about books for children (here), we’re happy to introduce you Francesca, curator of the blog Bookslover: a real gold-mine for reading clues and suggestions, like the ones she’s giving us on today’s interview.

Hi Francesca, do you remember the first time you asked for a reading suggestion? And the last one?

I started to read as a child, I really enjoyed teens books, I had been literally devouring them. The first adult book I read was suggested by my mother and it was “Eva Luna” by Isabel Allende, I adored it. It’s funny, because my mother and I have completely different tastes: I think this was allegedly the first and last time we liked the same book! Yesterday I received the latest suggestion so far and it was given by a colleague who’s into books and she recommended Francesco Pacifico. But were you to ask me the same question tomorrow I would probably respond alike “yesterday”: since I created Bookslover I talk every day with someone about books, sometimes even with people who I could never imagine that they would have enjoy reading.

Where do you like to purchase books in your city? And would you tell us another bookshop you like around Europe?

I purchase everywhere, but in my hometown Milan I fancy going to “Libraccio” in the Naviglio neighbourhood, because there’s a second-hand section in which I spend at least half an hour. Moreover I like “La Feltrinelli” in the Central Station: I travel very often and I usually spend in there those 10 minutes waiting for the train. In Europe I don’t suggest you only one bookshop, but an entire city: Bécherel, in France, the “city of books”. A Paradise for readers, with a unique atmosphere.

Where do you shield your books?

Wherever I find a place: my house is invaded. The last week I counted those on the bedside table: 50. I bet it’s going to collapse! Let’s say that they would fir in an old cupboard for dishes which I converted into a bookshelf. Quite sensational, but there’s only a little space there unfortunately.

Which book would you suggest for…

a rainy day like today: “Wuthering Heights”. A wonderful love story with weather on theme. Perfect!
a long journey by train: “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair”. It’s a long book, but if flows like a river in flood. I read it during a Milan-NYC flight: nine hours nonstop.
a weekend escape: “Freedom” by Franzen. Which is quite long for a weekend, therefore you can replace it with any of Vitali’s novels: light, funny and smart. A panacea.
a liberating laugh: “Non avevo capito niente” [I didn’t understand anything] by De Silva, which is super funny and plays down almost everything.
rediscovering a great classic: “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevskij.

In addition to yours, do you follow the instinct of other people always looking for new books to read? If so, who?

Since I opened the Instagram profile of Bookslover I find inspiration on the net. People do read a lot (and I suggest to those who say that Italians read only a little to skim through the social medias) and share with pleasure tips and opinions. This is how Bookslover work: I ask more and less famous in the fashion world young talents about music, cinema and the book of their heart. Thus I read beautiful things.


Is there any more suitable day to start a new book?

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