22 October 2014
Lola Swing
Winter is just a season and it moves on like all others. This is the challenge of fashion: to be remembered despite all, by proposing each time shapes, colours and materials which leave their mark. We are wishing all this to Ludovica di Bernardo and to her Lola Swing, interviewed today by us.

Who's Lola and why is she “swing”?

Lola is my nickname and it conveys my way of being: authentic and daydreamer. The word “swing” is related to movement and it has to do with my job, which is an emotional path constantly mutating and brought to life season after season from the combination of my creativity and personal experiences.

Explain us the concept of your F/W 2014/15 collection

Portrait of a lady. This should be the expression to sum up the Lola Swing FW 2014/15 collection, which takes the cue from the shadows shows of the Le Chat Noir. As a matter of fact, my creations are plenty of feelings and emotions, expressed also through attention to details, strong colours, lights and shades, sartorial cuts which shape the romantic touch of the brand.

What colour will your winter have? Which will be the leading outfit?

The 20 dresses of the FW 14/15 collection are created to enhance the femininity – they have dark tones which frame a heart of colours where electric blue, ancient pink and brocade interchange one another. A look made up with elegant tailored dresses, soft fur which hug the woman warmly.

What was the location and the story behind the wonderful campaign, shot by Monia Merlo?

The collaboration with Monia Merlo is still nowadays an ever-changing project. Her artistic skills stroke me a lot and brought for sure an added value to my collection. However, Monia didn't simply photograph the clothes, but she was also able to depict the most intimate and private part of myself, which is hidden into my creations. The choice of the cemented swimming-pool was a spontaneous intuition coming from the dreamlike atmosphere of the moment; finding a benchmark-less landscape, mostly neutral and composed only by natural lights and shadows, in which the characters of the fairy tale told by my dresses, the models, could be somehow suspended.

What do you wish to Lola Swing for the 2015?

It's a very simple wish: to have the chance of keeping on working hard to shape my passion.

Last astonishment: the gallery with the FW 2014/15 collection shot by Monia Merlo, with a wonderful portrait of Ludovica.
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