20 October 2014
DDmag + Kids
The new section KIDS by DDmag come from a very deep wish to which I am now finally able to commit.

I decided to start this section for those mums who like me want to be informed and pay attention to the care of their children. For those mums who like me work and try to give as much as they can to their sons, despite the little time. I'm going to post suggestions for those moments in the weekends when we have to organize activities for the whole family and clues on food, clothes, books, travels, music and healthy sleeping. As a mother with three children, all of different ages, I express my thoughts loudly and I hope I will be helpful to those mothers who are often alone when facing this kind of situations. I will personally respond to your emails at: isabella@ddmag.it

Kisses to all!

A couple of suggestions from the last pictures of the gallery:
- for the bath: it is very important to teach hygiene to our children. I like when they smell good and they enjoy doing soap bubbles with me. What they don't like is having their hair washed, therefore I play with coloured soap cans or drawings. Perfect also to decorate the bathroom.
- for the bedroom: I love taking care of details always with taste and creativity. I teach them that not all nice things must be expensive, what you only need is attention and taste.
- at the table: my children don't eat very much. Therefore I decided to play with dishes and furnitures. Glasses, cutlery, placemats, … launch and dinner will become more enjoyable!
- learn and play: an interesting passion is the one for posters and stickers. My children are very curious about the world and this is a nice way to explore it!
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