08 October 2014
Lazzari's shop windows in Vicenza are exactly next to our favourite patisserie. While having breakfast we glance at the new creations of the 100% Italian brand and it's not hard to imagine that this interview with Alice Lunardi, creative and designer of Lazzari, was held exactly on one of those little tables in Piazzetta Palladio...

Good morning Alice! Firstly, what did you have today for breakfast?

Two slices of bread with fig preserve, orange juice and a coffee.

In a world where brunch and coffee to-go are routine, can you tell us why you “slowed down” the breakfast for your new collection?

Because having breakfast calmly remembers me of holidays; who's not happy on holiday?

The labels of Lazzari clothes say “Made with attention in Italy”; almost a love statement for your clients and your job: do you confirm?

We wanted that a label could tell what we do, the “Made in Italy” is a little bit abused and in some cases is no longer a warranty.

Which is your favourite one among the many pieces that you designed for the autumn/winter collection?

Now that's a hard question! I'm not sure, I would say the skirts with toasts, which I hope will be as successful as the summer skirt with sharks, or the sweater with eggs created together with illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli (I have a weakness for funny sweaters!)

Close your eyes and imagine the typical morning of a girl who wears Lazzari...

Well... first of al she weak up to her favourite song, then makes her coffee exclusively with a moka pot and in the meantime she gives a glance at the social networks. Retro is okay, but not too much! Then she looks at her wardrobe and thinks - Oh no, I have nothing to wear! - and the plank with the hangers breaks off (which happened to me today!). Oopses...


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