06 October 2014
It’s always a pleasure to have our guest Elisabetta giving us her precious advice about design around the world and revealing amazing projects and initiatives. Today she will take us to Vietnam, where centuries-old hospitality tradition meets environmentally-friendly innovation.

The impact on the environment is an aspect that is becoming more and more important in the building of hotels and it constitutes a parameter in the act of choosing a hotel by the customers.
The majority of hotels simply try to reduce the negative effects on the surrounding environment, whereas some others want to reach an even higher level, that is, they manage to be really ecological and therefore to respect nature even more. However, these initiatives are still not so common. Nowadays, thanks to a greater availability of eco-friendly materials, to price reductions, to innovative ideas and to strategies meant to go beyond the limits of eco-sustainability it’s definitely easier for hotels to guarantee an excellent comfort with while fully respecting the environment.

Naturally, solar panels and toilets designed not to waste water are basic choices but still not enough to make the hotel an eco-resort. Eco-friendly building materials, the use of gravity instead of hydraulic pumps and international norms clearly show that we have all the instruments to respect our world.

According to all our observations, the hotel Six Senses Ninh Van Bay becomes a perfect example of a comfortable eco-resort respectful towards nature. Sheltered by calcareous rocks in an evocative bay in the South of Vietnam, this hotel is surely one of the hospitalities structures that has proved to be absolutely interested in being eco-sustainable. The hotel offers the luxury comfort of a 5 stars hotel but in an environmentally-friendly way. Not only is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay built with ecological materials, but its rooms are refreshed thanks to the sea breeze, it recycles water to irrigate the fields around it, it collects rainwater to use it again and it allows its guests to take part in the projects of environmental reclamation such as a reforestation plan.

Have a nice eco-trip!

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