21 July 2014
Renovating has always been a delicate and important moment in the life of a building. In fact, it can change its shape, facade, purpose and, therefore, personality. Elisabetta, from the blog Dettagli Home Decor, knows it well and that's why she pays a lot of attention to this kind of procedure. In today's post she talks us through the splendid recovery of a building typical of Maiorca, transformed from an animal shelter to a holiday destination.

In Maiorca, this typical building of the 16th century, now reinvented as a holiday destination, puts on stage the evocative contrast between the architecture of the past – which was partially preserved – and modern decor items. When it was bought, this building was in complete decline, with no electricity, and it was used as a shelter for sheep. During the planning stage, the owner decided to renovate the whole area in full respect of its past history, using, when possible, the original materials. Even the many white pebbles, which in the past used to be put on the ground to signal the flow of a river, have been cleaned and used to cobble the surrounding area. The result of this renovation is a villa of 600 m², a study of 400 m², and other small outbuildings for guests. The heart of this beautiful villa is stone, and it can be found on bearing walls, but sometimes it even emerges in a very natural way from the white surface of certain floors. The kitchen area is amazing: it's 8 meters long, it faces the courtyard, and it is characterized by stonewalls with reddish undertones, white shiny floors, and by a fully equipped steel kitchen (the model is called 'Convivium'), designed by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea. In the living area, in addition to modern furniture, you can find ethnic pieces, like the adorable African stools that are disposed around the main table. The whole residence is marked by a well-finished decor, and every item is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
On the outside, in addition to the beautiful garden surrounding the villa, in a magnificent courtyard, there is a huge swimming pool, perfect for relax and idle hours.


As usual, we would like to thank Elisabetta. See you next month for another interesting column.

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