10 March 2014
Bellezza è benessere
Monday is the day of new beginnings and also here on DDmag there is an air of novelty: starts today a new section dedicated to beauty and well-being in cooperation with osteopath Emiliano Zanier that will introduce himself in this interview:


My name is Emiliano Zanier, I'm a physiotherapist and osteopath. I deal with both clinical activity and research and teaching (at Ediermes scholarly editions, and CRESO , Osteopathic Research and Development Centre). I am interested in many aspects of osteopathy, I dedicate particularly space to pregnancy, issues of femininity and pediatric age .

There is no beauty without being: real or fake?

There is no beauty without being? I would say yes , especially where the beauty is not only that you can appreciate in a photograph or on a screen, where everything is artificial, but in everyday life where the word " charm " is a more important value . But the fascination comes from many things: self-confidence , the acceptance of our own body , the voice in all its aspects and of course, the posture. I should add that it happened to follow high-level models and dancers to improve these aspects and I received their appreciation for the holistic vision of beauty that I have taught them .

The daily discomfort most underrated by women and men ?

If we talk about statistics, for men prevail definitely back pain in the lumbosacral area , for the woman you go on various issues : from neck pain in the pelvic area , the problems of urogenital sphere . But be careful , there are many disorders , often little unknown , on which you can act naturally with osteopathy . For example , the problems with gastroesophageal reflux often get excellent results with osteopathy , or even follow in my experience women during pregnancy can be really a great help for them from many points of view , from lower back pain during pregnancy to a better preparation for childbirth .

What is the fashion accessory that does more harm to your posture and physical well-being?

The high heel definitely has its interference in posture, but I must say that piercings are often far more harmful to your health , we know that can simulate a " scar effect " and this can be extremely reverberant level of pain, posture, abnormal sensitivity in the area.

Have you thought about your first post for DDmag?

My first DDmags? I have many ideas... I saw that you have some beautiful sections on cooking and food. Perhaps i would start right from gastroesophageal reflux disease and treatment in osteopathy as it is little known and that affects a lot of people.

This interview has really got our curiosity and we look forward to sharing with you all the valuable advice of Emiliano. See you soon.

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