17 December 2013
Beauty to give
Feeling the cold on the skin while running or walking in these beautiful winter days can be enjoyable and healthy for our bodies , but sometimes is not good for our skin that becomes more sensitive in this season . Martina , our beauty correspondent from My alchemy corner blog , is ready to give us a help with a 100% natural expediend , easy to prepare at home.

" Hello DDmag!! Today I will teach you a recipe for a nourishing hand cream , perfect for these days cold , is also useful and cute gift idea !

These are the ingredients for 100 grams of cream :

52 gr of sweet almond oil ( moisturizes the hands skin making them very very soft for hours )
20 gr cocoa butter or shea butter
20 gr of chamomile infusion or another infusion
8 gr beeswax ( makes thick cream and you can buy in aherbalist's shop )
30 drops of lavender essential oil or other essential oil of your choice ( optional, used to perfume the cream and hands for hours )

We combine all the ingredients but the essential oil in a glass and put the whole thing in a water bath for 5 minutes to dissolve the solid ingredients , stirring occasionally to dissolve faster ingredients . When everything has melted , stir vigorously for 10-15 minutes putting the glass in a cold water bath ( I use a plastic container in which I poured cold water ) . To save time you can use an immersion blender , takes a couple of minutes. When the cream is warmed , and becomes white it thickens, that means it's ready!
We pour the mixture into clean and dry containers . The cream is preserved up to 3 months at room temperature , without the need for preservatives. In my online shop you can find the raw materials used to make these recipes. "

Before you start shopping in the Martina green site have a look of her tutorial!


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