16 December 2013
Whitepod resort
The Christmas holidays are approaching and if you are looking for a structure that combines eco-tourism, design and comfort, Elisabetta of Details Home Decor recommends the right place !

Nestled in the snow of the Swiss Alps , at 1700m above sea level in the village of Les Cerniers , the Whitepod resort offers a unique and charming experience with his unique housing units of a igloo shapes, that dominate the surrounding valley. Designed by Angelique Buisson , Whitepod Alpine Ski Resort is a design solution with low environmental impact , perfectly integrated in the landscape downhill and away from urban pollution , a reconfirmation that design, aesthetics and comfort can be compatible with the nature. Each of them is called pods, is nothing but a geodesic tent of 40 m2 equipped with every comfort , all with a large terrace with table and chairs to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. The interior is very nice , all furnished with the utmost care and decorated with unique objects that characterize the region. Each pod has a large double bed , a cozy wood burning stove to heat up the room , bathroom with shower and a nice loft . Reference point for all guests is the " Pod House" , a large chalet completely renovated and located in the center of the housing units . The Pod house has a bar, breakfast room , restaurant and a spa with a Finnish sauna, a Japanese bath , three massage rooms , locker rooms and showers. The ski slopes are within easy walking distance and the surrounding scenery is spectacular.


Who comes with us ?

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