12 November 2014
Passions, one knows, move the world: they let us wake up on the right foot, travel to far places, meet those people who will change our lives. Elena and Lucrezia are two young girls who undertook those paths, following the common thread of the passion for dogs who they both have in their DNA. Okydoggy is a statement of love for the four-legged friends, an innovative dog sitting service, dog training and dog taxi about which they were interviewed today.

Elena and Lucrezia, your bio is a world tour: would you accompany us into your story?

We are associates, friends, we quarrel like sisters and confront as one were the sidekick of the other. Lucrezia grew up in Kenya, where nature is a very important part of everyday life. Spaces, colours and animals were part of her daily life and her passion came out helping stray cubs illegally sold by inhabitants on Nairobi congested streets. She grew up with eight dogs in a garden and there was always a new-entry saved from the street.

Elena grew up between Rome and Bari in a family where love for animals was always part of her life. Her older brother is researcher in veterinary and contributed to raise the passion of Elena for the world of dogs. They did not only have dogs of all dimensions, but also an “authorized personnel” at home who transformed a simple passion into something stronger for both. Her father, entrepreneur, stimulated her to give herself a challenge, without being afraid of uncertainties and the risk of new adventures, guiding her to find within her job a source of fun and satisfaction.

And where did you eventually meet?

In Rome thanks to common friends. We were both living a transition point in our lives. Elena was studying International Relations but she always wanted to create something personal. Lucrezia had just put up an exhibition of her abstract paintings inspired by her early years in the African world. They both wanted to start something different from the things they were doing at that time and in front of a Tuscan wine they decided to start this adventure.

When did Okydoggy come to life and how are you developing this project?

Okydoggy was born on the last winter. At the beginning we didn’t know about this passion in common. After many researches the desire to create something not only useful and efficient, but also attractive for those who wish to adopt a dog and save a little life arouse.

For the time being the service is only in Milan: where would you like to “export” the idea?

To Rome. In Milan we have a partnership with the Italian Federation for the Wellness of Animal, which allows us to have all the professional kennel educators who obtained a certificate and are constantly updated. Our strategy is to have a direct approach both with our professionals and with the conductors of dogs, because we not only have the same passion, but other qualities such as commitment and dedication are necessary. The aim in the short period is to become a benchmark in the biggest cities of Italy where quality and service are of main importance. Our dream is to create a link with all the big European metropolises and promote not only services, but also a proper hub where dog lovers and professionals can keep up being inspired, confronting and sharing new discoveries. The path is still long but we feel we chose the right direction.

Among all the cities in the world that you visited and experienced, which one caught your attention the most for the care of animals?

The most “pet aware” European countries are France, Germany and Norway. These nations are open to the concept of hosting dogs in different spaces, promoting news regarding the care and wellness of one’s dog. Italy has still a lot to learn about the dignity of a dog, but luckily there are always more hotels which accept dogs, particularly in Emily-Romagna, Tuscany, Veneto and Lombardy. They recently created the Fido Park: service stations on Italian motorways which will allow dogs to get off the car and stretch their legs before going on the road! We hope that Okydoggy will become one day not only a platform of services, but an incentive to approach and make aware of the world of dogs.


Congratulations girls, the best of luck for your project! 
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