25 June 2014
Web means research, innovation, knowledge, sharing and, why not, shopping. You can find all of this in a fascinating archive that you can discover reading our interview!

Where does this antique passion come from?

I believe it is rooted in everyone of us. Preserving also means sharing. Imagine what happens when for some reason we need to move: while packing we realize that the house is full of stories to tell. A dress from a special night, a picture of someone you love, something from your childhood. I’d say it is human rather than antique, stories connect us better than a social network.

Is archiving nostalgic, romantic or revolutionary?

For what we mean it is definitely a revolutionary gesture. Our generation forgets all too quickly. When was the last time we did something for the first time? This is more true when we refer to the funniest activity of all: buying exciting things. We set the disposable fashion against the careful research of a personal style, we want to choose self-consciously. We therefore select objects not only in sync with current fashion but with reality and value them by telling their stories. Here we try to understand the Designer, who alone or with exceptional brands, can invent products stronger than time. Go and read the product descriptions on our web shop and you’ll realise they’re not only taglines, but love declarations!

What is essential to an archive?

A good story, that’s it.

How was your project received on line?

With high interest and curiosity, day by day we confront ourselves with people who have our same vision, in a wordplay we call them Archivisti (Archivers). Right from the beginning we decided to collect their statements in a blog called Archivista, and on our facebook page we also collect the Instagram pictures taken by who we think are extremely talented people. You can send us your pictures as well, just add the hashtag #archivista. We scrutinise everyday hundreds of posts by bloggers, trendsetters, instagrammers… It’s a very fast world, overexposed, everyone’s trying to express their own style. We’ve noticed that those who really can draw the attention have developed just one great skill: they can choose unique object with a good story to tell.

What’s the official archive you would like to visit?

We’d like to see designers’ official archives. Knowing and sharing the creative process behind the works we show in our shop is very fascinating for us. We’re also interested in entrepreneurs’ and buyers’ stories, people who believed and invested before others in young talents. Their visions and choices can change, year by year, what we perceive as beautiful.

Thanks to all of our Archivio’s friends for this special meeting and enjoy your shopping!
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