07 May 2014
Italian for Italy
It’s been a while since Italian for Italy bags became famous: magazines, fashion editorials, boutiques,… We were so lucky to wear them and see them in Uberta Zambeletti’s shop, the Wait and See in Milan. Afterwards we decided to find out something more about their creators, Alessandra and Paco, a young couple of romantic wonderers.

How does your day start in Ibiza?

On the rocks, with a dive.

Is the island a secluded shed or a lighthouse on the rest of the world?

The former.

What’s never missing in Paco’s bag?

He loves travelling light therefore he prefers keeping his passport in his pocket.

On the other hand, what does Alessandra never find in hers?

House keys, of course.

Where’s a traveller going this summer with an Italian for Italy?

It’s not important, but he wishes he could come back someday not too far away to a better Italy.

What was the most peculiar and difficult material that you manage to recycle for your bags?

A bag can never fail to its functional nature, so we do a lot of research and use only practical materials. Nevertheless, it is true that some of them are hard to find. Anyway, our most curious work was tattooing a leather bag with our own hands.

What’s the perfect place to toast to our meeting in Ibiza?

We can have a coffee around 11 in the morning in the Plaza el Mercado Viejo.


Surely, we won’t miss it! Who’s coming with us?

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