30 April 2014
 Close your eyes and imagine a place where joy takes the shape of clothes, accessories, prints… Now wait a little, then open them up and look at the gallery: you’ll see a shop in the very centre of Milan, the beating heart of the latest edition of the Design Week. Right here we had the pleasure of meeting Uberta Zambeletti, a style icon and owner of the Wait and See. We’ve interviewed her today for the first time, but it felt like we’ve known each other for years already.

Where are you now and what do you see around you?

I’m in my beloved Milan and spend most of the time in the Cinque Vie, a borough I believe in since I chose it to open my shop. I really love this city, its past and its resources.

Why did you name your shop Wait and See? What do this verbs mean to you?

It’s my philosophy of life: we need to believe in our dreams and be determined enough to pursue them. Too often, though, life diverts us, so we must have faith and “wait and see” where those unpredicted happenings will take us to. Experience taught me that change, even if tragic and violent, is most of the times for a greater good. Life has meaning, we are here to grow older and therefore it’s beautiful!

How’s doing creativity today and where does it express itself at best now?

I think this is a time of incredible opportunities, even though many say it’s horrible. Finally there’s no room for lies anymore, at all: honesty and good-hearted people are winning, and about time! Creativity has eventually found the deserved room and respect. It is the first time industry has turned to creativity because it was the opposite for years. This is extraordinary and symptomatic, so hooray!

Milan has come to life again in the Cinque Vie borough. What kind of atmosphere are you living now?

Finally, the most ancient district in Milan quivers of life again: both Milanese and foreign people are rediscovering it and are caught by its striking beauty and resources.

Since you are an undiscussed style icon, we’d like to ask you the latest thing you’ve bought…
…to wear: a dress made of iridescent organza
…to taste: a panzerotto (a kind of folded pizza) by Luini
…to read: If I Hug You Don't Be Afraid by Fulvio Ervas
…to share with who you love: a Sonos music centre to dance, dance all the time.


we’d like to thank Uberta with a tight virtual hug because after this online interview we feel like we’ve just met a dear friend with whom we hadn’t spoken for long.

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