27 January 2014
Unilever and DDmag
A hot tea in the morning, a mid-afternoon tasty snack and a fast to make soup in the evening : in our super busy days routine there are always little rituals to please us and which are accompanied by historical products such as Lipton, Calve and Knorr . So you can imagine that we welcomed with pleasure the proposal to interpret the products that are part of the multinational Unilever very Ddmag style . Still excited by the idea , we called our photographer Pietro Chilesotti and ...

" Pietro.......... please , you should think about this food service , I know that you like it ........ Thank you, thank you! "

How many times we got up in the morning and after a hasty make-up , with only a cup of coffee for breakfast we live for the day "adventure" ! How many times your nutritional advisor recommended you to have a tea with a cookies or something like that! There 's nothing better than a light breakfast to start our day ,so not to feel allready starving by 11 in the morning.

Then if you feel the food craving it is not a tragedy , just indulge with wisdom : not guzzle yourself, just make a tasty and pleasant bite, the "secret" is not overdo it!
You will discover then that by doing this you won't even get fat.

And that night that just do not feel like , even when you are used to cooking by preparing everything from the start , trust me , go with the mushrooms soup that you have in the pantry , heated and in three minutes everything is magically ready. You'll see is great, nice soft full taste and then you also will feel good ! The husband grumbles ?Let it go! Also because if he does not realize that it is a " ready to use” soup he will compliments you!


A big thanks to pietro and Luca Chilesotti for shots:

- The Lipton tea with wholegrain biscuit 

- The refined mayonnaise Calvé with pear and bacon on toast.

- A tail of large shrimp with pepper and a pinch of Calvé mayonnaise mayo

- A breadstick wrapped in omrtadella ham and Classical Calvè mayonnaise

- Knorr Soup with the addition of parmesan cheese croutons and extra virgin olive oil

We have already come a little peckish ...

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