15 January 2014
Gispy in the kitchen
Could a "striped" blog not to catch our eyes and our heart? So it was for Gispy in the kitchen, the food -love- fashion blog of Alice Agnelli, who with great intimate and spontaneous photos and texts always brings us in his wanderings. We wanted to know a little more in this interview.

Can you tell us about of the" Gypsy " journey that made you land in a beautiful kitchen?

Actually it all started when I decided for love to transform myself in a perfect housewife, but unfortunately then it's all over and to survive this pain I decided to re- invent myself from the beginning, restarting from me and from what was my true essence ,mainly travel and cooking.
I've always been a bit of gypsy soul, where the trip has always been a search, a discovery. On the other hand, it is also very true that I feel deep inside me traditions, my roots , my family. The best moments and happiest memories are those who see me in the kitchen with the women of my family, with my friends and with my hands in the crust. Et voila: games are done  Each post is a part of my life, a mix of recipes and love.

Love - Food - Fashion: three resolutions for 2014 for the three categories you mention in the blog.

Love. I will continue to live in love: for myself, for my family, for the man I love, for what I do. A path towards what is commonly called happiness. To transpose into every minute of everyday life, opening my heart in a genuine accepting of everything that is and will be.

Food. Undoubtedly learn how to make macarons: just it is not there... I did not come! And also I don't get well with the pastry bag, so I also hope to become a PRO in its use. Do not speak of Japanese cuisine: I love and I have a obsession for all that is Japan, so I'd love to cook with Hiro, a Japanese chef. I would like to learn a bit of his mastery. I will start also to make showcooking so I hope to travell a little bit in Italy with my Gipsy kitchen.

Fashion. A single desire: to cook in a Valentino dress!

What project would you like to accomplish in the next year ?

A book that is a collection of the best posts and recipes that have brought me this far.

We really love the Gipsy in The Kitchen head, are you a stripes-addicted too?

The lines, along with the red lipstick, it's happiness. I love the lines, I even have a chest of drawers in the room dedicated solely to my old t-shirts, my clothes and my striped things .

If I had a recipe to match DDmag what would you choose?

I would make a wonderful pavlova with raspberries and currants.

And we will taste it right away, careful not to stain our clothes stripes! Thanks Alice, have a good 2014.


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