02 December 2013
We received the second email of our contributor Francesca, the Milan "spy" always looking of new trends for DDmag. Today has found a real cave of wonders, let's explore it with his help!

Dear DDmag ,
this discovery is dedicated to all those who happened to have people at home and not having enough chairs, who had set a photoshoot and was unable to furnish the location as he wanted, who hosted a theme event and failed to create the right atmosphere. I found for them in Milan, in Via Procaccini 41, “S.Oggetti“, a delightful laboratory shop where Letizia , Marcella and Cinzia, three young women with disabilities , are recovering old furniture and giving them a new life with out of the common great taste and creativity , and then rent them or sell them at a very attractive price. A small but intriguing window opens to a world from which you would not want to separate you ever feel like a home that 's perfect for you, surrounded by objects of great taste and, despite their age, very modern. Definitely worth to give it a go, I assure you!

Until next time,

Write down the address of S.Oggetti on the agenda, if like us, you're always looking for new goodies or maybe some original Christmas gift.

Thanks to Francesca, always precious!

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