30 October 2013
Roberto Ricci: Filodellavita
Picasso liked to say that " after all, a work of art can not be achieved with the ideas, but with hands ," a phrase that fits perfectly with our guest of today , Roberto Ricci, whose hands create wearable works of art. We met him during his collaboration with the e-commerce of our dear friend Julia and will introduce him:

Who was born before, the woman or the jewel?

The womanof course, being valuable in itself, then we created jewels to make her even more precious and special.

What is your first memory of a jewel (family for example)?

A ring from which my mother never separates and keeps the story of the women of her family. A blue sapphire with glowing, mounted on rose gold.

Your favorite material?

Untreated white Gold .

What music do you listen to when you need to find your inspiration? And while you work?

I wait for my muse listening to jazz, when I work and I need a charge, then absolutely rock!

There is an actress or a famous woman that you want to see wearing your creations and who perfectly represents them? 

Risk of being trivial, but see Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren, a perfect incarnations of the Mediterranean woman, with my jewel would make me very proud.

In the gallery you can browse some pieces of the “Filodellavita” collection , rings made
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