20 November 2013
As women and as passionate about design of boxes we must admit that we've seen all kinds, the shoes one (mostly) , but also those colorful that can hold all our passions . A "box" has long attracted our attention more than any other , the one that Stefano and Riccardo have called “Gnam Box”. To say that is a blog of recipes is certainly an understatement because browsing through all their features is like entering in a friend's house and... " Knock-knock "

Hello Stefano and Riccardo, what are you up to?

Today we are off. Last night we cooked for 10 guests for our new project DINNER WITH so now and then we relaxed . Tomorrow, we will cook for 150 people for the opening of the LOV ORGANIC boutique, Norwegian and bio inspired cuisine .

From design to the kitchen is not quite simple step: how did you find your way among the thousands of personal today's kitchen sites?

Gnam Box was born to vent our passions about the kitchen. It isn't a project born at the table, we just started to photograph the food and taking care of all the aspects that revolve around the project following our style and our personal taste.

The guest that you dream of having in the kitchen:

Massimo Bottura, we love his style in the kitchen, his passion, his mind !

We never lose your Foodoscope : what's your sign and what ingredient are you?

Stephen : I am a Leo ascendant Taurus and my ingredient are the fragrant summer tomatoes. 
Richard : I am a Gemini ascendant Leo and my ingredients are herbs.

Have you already planned the menu for the Christmas festivities?

Yes, but not loving the "classic" Christmas dishes, we decided that we will revisit the great festivities cult ... We can not yet reveal how, you have to follow us to understand what we're making this up!

Our curiosity hit the roof , and if you also want to follow closely the work of Stephen and Richard click "Like" on their Facebook page.

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