29 April 2013
Dettagli Home Decor

By now you have learned to know me and know the way I like to browse the internet and how much i love the world of design and furnishing. Elizabeth is also like me, and his blog details “Home Decor “ is a beautiful source of inspiration to make a place unique following the right "advices". In this interview she will reveals some . Ready?

From the name of your blog we feel immediately the importance for details: what are the most important in a home for you?

The customization of each environment is the characteristic that must prevail in every home. Through what are the tastes and passions, which distinguish each of us, you can design and create distinctive and charming corners, full details that talk about us, reflecting our personalities.

What is the room (or the part of the house) more difficult to furnish and which is the most challenging?

No one difficult in particular, there are environments still to be realized that are more challenging than others, such as the living area and outdoor spaces. The living room is the room where we welcome friends and family, is to relax or for some special occasion, it must be a welcoming, functional but at the same time full of original details that make it unique. It 's simple, just put on display all that we have, such as various souvenirs collected during the trips that, when properly combined with furniture and accessories, can give life to unique angles. The outdoor space, can be a garden or a large terrace, must be considered a true extension of the house and so to be designed in perfect harmony with the style chosen for the interior.

Find inspiration in the web or even in the classic magazines?

The web is certainly a source of many inspirations, especially Pinterest, a social with beautiful images, full of original ideas and solutions, innovative and trendy. The net is definitely an inexhaustible source of informations, but let us not forget some classic magazines, always full of useful and interesting starting point.

The favorite site? And the most widely read magazine?

At the moment definitely Pinterest and Etsy, the latter is an interesting e-commerce site where you can find all kinds of objects made by hand or delicious vintage pieces.
I regularly read Elle Decor,Casa Facile and Marie Claire Maison as well as some specialized magazines of travel and tourism, which are also often a source of inspiration and I keep them for many years!

Your home is in what style?

Currently my house is a mix of different styles, combined together in a very harmonious prevail where bleached-wood furniture and country-flavored stand out some vintage elements, like old trunks of the 30's, an old Chinese chest and several items are purchased while traveling. Personally I like renew environments often , giving new colors on the walls, moving and combining differently furniture and accessories, adding and removing different decorative items to give a new look to the house.

If you have a totally new house, where would it be? And how would you decorate it?

If I think of a new house I would say that would be located in a seaside resort, most likely abroad. Personally I love the sea, even in winter. I find it very stimulating and always a source of new inspiration. I love old houses characterized by stone walls, wooden ceilings and old floors to recover. The furniture would be, as now, a mix of styles combined with each other becose i love to have the opportunity to renew and modify easily the different environments, following the inspiration of the moment. The important thing, for me, is the presence of an external space to live as a real extra room, I could never live in a house without an outdoor area, garden or terrace.


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