19 September 2012
Some time ago I told you that I would have been at the presentation of Zerogloss, a new design store here in Vicenza, opened since only a few days.
Zerogloss is more than a shop; it is a project.
It was born from the willing of bringing into life again some places, originally used as craft and manufacturing industries.

In the middle of this conversion, there is the idea to create a place with a strong cultural and symbolic meaning for the region of Veneto. This area is, as a matter of fact, characterized
by the influence of old and new industrial facilities born inside the town itself, which after losing their economic and productive convenience, they might have run the risk to be abandoned.

The building is handled as a container of creative objects. It has now the chance to discover a new and charming function, respecting the memory of its past manufacturing activity.
The furnishings collections are fully projected by emerging European designers.The raw materials and wood used in their manufacture are all certified , according to principles of the environmental sustainability. 
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