14 April 2014
On Monday we want to make some good resolutions and enjoy the week at its best. We asked for Doctor Zanier’s advice (we have introduced him here), who decided to tell us the story and the fundamentals principles of this discipline, that we suggest everyone to try: osteopathy.

“Born in the second half of the Eighteenth Century, inspired by S. Pierce’s pragmatic philosophy, founded by the American physician Andrew Taylor Still (1828 – 1917), osteopathy is to be found in the group of complementary medicine. Without knowing its philosophy it’s somehow difficult to understand what osteopathy is. As a doctor, Mister Still started to elaborate a parallel method to traditional medicine, based on four important mainstays:

The persona is a unity made of body, mind and soul.
The body has got a natural “pharmacy” composed by hormones, enzymes and a variety of substances which allow a proper self-regulation, self-healing and conservation of one’s health.
Between structure (i.e. organs, body part, etc…) and function there is a very tight relationship, also in the therapy.
A rational therapy must be based on the above mentioned values.

As a matter of fact, Still’s sentence “the aim of a doctor is to find health. Everyone is able to find a disease.” was incredibly innovative. It makes clear that the patient is the centre of the treatment and the aim to be pursued is not the NON-DISEASE, but HEALTH.

Still had been lifelong against pharmacology, which determined the manual orientation of osteopathy. In the United States, along with the development of this discipline, the pharmacological treatment was assimilated to the manual one.

What characterizes osteopathy in relation with other manual therapies? It’s peculiarity lies in the fact that according to osteopathy every single part of the body can be manipulated and the manipulation will effect also other parts. For instance, by examining an ill hip it will also be considered it’s environment, i.e. the intestinal functions, the colon, the intestine and other visceral structures.”

Let’s get ahead of the game and have a check-up done! For any information you can contact Doctor Zanier at the following email address: fisioheal@yahoo.it

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