23 February 2015
What do we do in Miami in February?
We escape to the cold.

Must confess I have lived an inverted life since I have started living this life with summers that last the whole winter. When in the same weekend the lowest temperatures in twenty years are expected, it’s Valentine’s, it’s fashion week, it’s Presidents Day, ’50 Shades of Grey’ opens there’s nothing else left but bundling up and go
Oh, I was about to forget, as if of no importance, there was this invitation to attend the Carolina Herrera runway show: you can’t say no.

Some secrets that no media will ever tell you:
1. There is nothing that will prepare you to the temperature of 1 degree Farenheit: it is just the definition of dead cold in any language.
2. There’s no pill that you can pop to stop the adrenaline of when you see entering the room as a bombardment: Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Edward Enningful, Suzy Menkes, Fran Leibovitz. At that point you lose count.
3. There is nothing that will make you more stunned (after a Harry Winston tiara) that Karlie Kloss opening and closing the show, to the point that all it goes in between is magic.
4. There are no pinches hard enough to wake you up from that dream titled “This is not a live-stream on your computer. Francesca, you are here”.
5. There is nothing that will make you regret not even one of those four hot chocolates in one afternoon
6. There’s nothing wrong when strutting in 5th Avenue, in wishing that Carrie Bradshaw o Sarah Jessica Parker comes out of Cipriani, but then it’s really Lee Radziwill.

Random truths, in a non-specific order.
1. Love me New York’s yellow cabs all my life (it can’t be explained)
2. Anna Wintour moves sleek like a fast gazelle when from her first row seat flies backstage to congratulate the designer. She can.
3. New York stands for bagels like Seattle for coffee. You can have bagels and coffee anywhere else, but it will never be the same.
4. Coming from tropical humid heat, you will be the only one in the world (because at fashion week the entire world is in NYC) to spend hours layering like an onion and addressing the subway with the happiness of a child and his glazed donut.
5. If you wait your girlfriend at Barney’s entrance on Madison you’ll serendipitously meet your favorite fashion editor/stylist/fashion media goddess. Ok, that was a kiss from the god of good chance, but someone will always pass be and, that, doesn’t happen at the mall in Miami, ok?
6. The ‘restaurant of the moment’ is not the empty one next door, you just must hold a reservation.
7. You never know who’s sitting next to you for brunch at the Crosby hotel. The lesson to learn is that maybe the following day you meet him again and he’s sitting front row at your same show and you still don’t know who he is, but now you really hope that after the third cosmo you didn’t say anything bad about him.
8. Mani and pedi appointment and leaving with the temporary slip-ons at 8pm under a snowstorm is a certainty.
9. Snow drops on a windy HighLine, the park suspended in the air in the Meatpacking district doesn’t happen even in the best movies.
10. The Brooklyn bridge is like Santa: it suddenly appears like the reindeers and the sleigh on the window of the cab on your way to Williamsbrug, but you can’t snap a decent shot.
11. Three days go so fast that at the end of the journey you feel like a phone with no roll-over minutes.

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