29 October 2014
Marina Cinciripini, interior designer and cooking lover, and Sarah Richiuso, product designer and illustrator, created “I Tradizionali” [in English: the traditionals]: tattoo-recipes at your… forearms. Let’s introduce you the girls on today’s interview!

Gird your loins: what are you cooking today?

The seasonality of the ingredients is our guiding principle, we fancy experimenting drawing and tasting from market stalls, inspired by tastes and scents. Today a wonderful wild broccoli bouquet gave us the go ahead for a typical Pugliese dish, the “orecchiette”, with an add of anchovy and chilli pepper.

What’s your favourite ingredient? And the most beautiful to design?

Nothing in particular, actually. We let us inspire by the mood of the day and the willpower of experimenting in the kitchen. What we enjoy most is to share the conviviality with our friends and fulfil their wishes. It’s difficult to choose the most beautiful ingredient to sketch, but among our favourites we point out the tomato, which is not just our logo, but a real must-have in the average Italian kitchen.

How much of you is there in this project and where is it going to bring you?

This project represents our encounter at its best and the union of our passions: cooking and illustration. Our project is very intimate: the recipes we collect belong either to our families’ traditions or they are stirrings and experiences we collect everyday; the illustrations are hand-made and have a remarkable style. We take care in our projects every aspect, from the design to the choice of the materials, the styling, to present them as best we can. From November onwards our tattoos will be eventually purchasable for a special Italian/English Christmas edition. We hope to carry on this activity and to create new collections.

Were you to donate us a “I Tradizionali” tattoo, which recipe/kitchen tool/ingredient would it be?

We would give you something containing one of your favourite ingredients, of course. Our aim is to create a wide collection throughout, which can satisfy all the requests. We want our tattoos to be a simple and funny hint to incite everyone to discover the joy of cooking and well eating.

We follow you on Instagram: who do you follow to get inspired or even just for fun?

We follow a huge amount of people and blogs from all over the world; both to find inspiration about food styling and to know all the latest trends, looking around to enrich our recipes. In Italy we follow Gnambox and Chef Rubio, who represents the bond cooking-tattoo at its best.


Good girls! And the best of luck for your project.

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