15 October 2014
Sanua: chapeau!
Long life to the hat! It's the most difficult to wear accessory and at the same time the most chic ever. Today we talk about it with Marianna, designer and creator of Sanua.

Hi Marianna, how did your passion for hats arise?

Like all little kids I used to play to be a “lady” and I searched into my mother's boxes. She adored hats, she had elegant and unique ones, which she could wear effortless. It became then so familiar to me to be surrounded by hats that found myself at a certain point with a real collection of them. The idea of creating original shapes today by matching unusual details complete my passion for this accessory, which I hope will become a must-have for every fashion lover.

Do hats really suit everybody? What actor/actress or famous character is the best ambassador of the hat?

People often don't wear hats because they are afraid of feeling embarrassed. But to me you only need the right one! The expression of the sceptics afterwards is simply priceless :) The hat has been throughout our history always a trend which characterized certain periods, but also would you imagine a bowler-less Charlie Chaplin? Impossible!

There's a cult hat for each season: can you tell us about yours?

The real cult to me is the hat itself, therefore I don't have any favourite one. I think that everybody should have a hat for each season. The softness and warmth of the felt in winter, the freshness and lightness of straw for the warmest seasons. I love to create always new pieces with different shapes and colours depending on the person. Even at the cost of breaking out of my old mould.

Which is the perfect moment of the day to draw and create a Sanua hat?

The perfection of the creative moment starts with the knowledge of the person in front of me. I must be able to understand their taste and their passion so as to create the most suitable model for them. I can take advantage of diverse moments during the day, but the better ideas come along in the night. I look a lot when I hang out and each element I see can be my inspiration.

The perfect outfit to match a Sanua hat?

They're multifaceted, different and all perfect in their own way. My hats are thought, studied and created on people who I want to know, because I enjoy giving always something unique, personal and exclusive. Each model has got its own identity, right as everyone. My only rule is: “I know your hat. Do you?”

And we wonder: how would be the ideal hat for Luisa and I? And how about yours?


photo credits: Nanni Fontana, Carlotta Coppo, Daniele Torti and Emanuele Giudice.
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