16 July 2014
VALDIROSE: where you
We found out about Valdirose peeking into Irene’s Instagram shots: a Tuscan house surrounded by greenery, Occitan style in furniture and details, cosy environment, simple and spontaneous life scenes. She runs this B&B with her family and she bases her idea of hospitality right on the family. Today we would like to share with you our infatuation for this magic place and present you’re his keeper.

Hello, Irene, this is also a way of declaring our love for a place which you can so easily fall in love with through your words and beautiful pictures you share with all of us. So we let you tell us about it as you like.

Oh, well… Valdirose is where I grew up: I know every single corner of this house, every scent, every shade. I laughed and cried between these walls, here I feel at home. Maybe this is why working here means so much to me. Guests from all around the world come here and I smile when I see little children playing on the same yard where I learned how to ride a bike or couples walking hand-in-hand along the path where I gave my first kisses. It’s a way to live again what’s already passed and to let others feel the same things I did, the most beautiful ones.

What’s the first thing you smell when you wake up here in spring time?

Coffee. First of all Valdirose is a home: if you make coffee in the morning, you can smell it from upstairs.

What did you serve this morning at breakfast?

White coffee and grapefruit juice, white yogurt with Apennines blueberries in syrup, melon, loaf-shaped cake, toasted bread (the Tuscan not-salty one), blackberry and fig jam, honey and butter.
Everything in Valdirose is refined but not flamboyant, better it is natural and harmonious: how did you create such an incredible mixture of styles, materials and furniture?
I always choose fallowing my personal taste only, I try not to let others influence me and above all when I buy something I don’t think about where I’m going to place it. When I get home with the new purchase, I place it somewhere and it seems it has been there for ever. I do have a secret, though: everything I buy needs to remind me of something nice. It’s worked so far.

You’ve opened your family home to the world, but is there still a place you consider only yours? May we know?

The kitchen steps: I used to play there when I was a child and it’s where I now sit waiting for my guests. They link my past and present and represent the place I consider only mine.

Thank you, Irene, for your hospitality, although only virtual. We can’t wait to visit you in Valdirose to live all this, so see you soon!

P.S.: if you want to follow the daily life of Valdirose, we suggest you add Irene’s profile on Instagam!
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