21 May 2014
Quid is quite known here in Vicenza: its shop windows have coloured and enlightened Corso Palladio, the main street of the inner city of Vicenza, and we fell for its simplicity and brightness. Every garment has a beautiful story behind it, made of high-quality Italian fabrics and of people’s hands working to build a new life. In other words: uniqueness, ethic, handicraft, sustainability. We interviewed its creator, Anna Fiscale.

When did you realise that your idea was growing and working?

When we opened our first temporary store in the summer 2013. Only then did QUID become a physical room to exchange things and experiences. Actually meeting our customers was something unique and amazing for us. Producing every single garment is a little miracle surely born from the meeting of handicraft and beauty. The moment a woman chooses a dress because she likes it and it makes her feel unique is the biggest satisfaction for a fashion maker. Opening our shop in Corso Portoni Borsari was very important to us because it was the objectification of our production philosophy. We wanted to make ethical fashion accessible to everybody and seeing our shop windows beside some of the most famous names of Made in Italy meant we did it. People liked us, we weren’t just a “beautiful project” but a “project for beauty”. Opening a shop obviously thrills us every time, be it in Vicenza (Corso Palladio 66) or in Trento (Via Oriola 17) next month.

What was your first tailored garment? And which one are you most attached to?

Our very first piece of clothing was the 'QUID-shirt', a classical t-shirt enhanced with a rounded lace collar. It also was our best seller for the 2013 collection. We are attached to quite many garments. Surely the floral patterns of the S/S 2014 collection are some of our favourite pieces. They all come from some extremely refined stocks and each of them is a unique piece. How could you not love them? We are working on a very limited run collection made of some exclusive striped offcuts. For such collections the whole production – from design to communication – is equal to an artist’s work.

Your shop windows are clean and bright: what else would you like to get across with your work?

We’d like to get an innovative and young idea of fashion across. The typical brightness of our rooms represents that same openness that also guides our project management. We employ local women with a fragile past and try to guarantee them a decent salary and an excellent sartorial education. We project our clothes’ design depending on the availability of the fabrics selected between the best Italian brands. In this way we are environmentally friendly and also recycle fine textiles that would otherwise go to the pulping mill. Also 70% of our shops’ furnishings are made of recycled furniture. All of our pieces are unique, in fact our idea of beauty comes from the unique charm of every woman.

Something else in the pipeline?

We’d like to become the best ethical Made in Italy. In other words we aim to become the only supplier of ethical capsule collections for the most exclusive brands. We guarantee a strong social return and good working environment for our seamstresses. We also offer our know-how in the up-cycling of luxury fabrics. We are trying to build a net of people who let us install our temporary stores in their vacant properties. We want to open other five points of sale within 2015, both in Italy and abroad.
We’re looking at Germany and the UK, countries very open towards ethical fashion and deeply in love with Italy.

Who would you like to dress or to have as testimonial of your amazing project?

We’d like to dress Livia Firth, an eco-fashion guru. Her beauty and charm are breathtaking and she can change the way of thinking of the fashion world. She’s also a determined but radiant entrepreneur. We love the journalists Andrea Delogu and Natasha Lusenti, too. They can make people notice their ideas as well as their smiles and who have always been closed to abused women. We’d like to work also with Alessandra Mastonardi, Michelle Hunziker and Vanessa Incontrada, beautiful women and sensitive to this kind of projects.

We’d like to end this interview congratulating warmheartedly with all of the Quid Project guys who just yesterday won the first European Prize for social innovation in Brussels. Good job!

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