22 January 2014
Paolo Stella
Have you ever dreamed of participate an a ultra mundane event , choosing the perfect dress, the right makeup , accessories, and finally arriving on the red carpet taked by a beautyfull man who accompanies you to meet the coolest people ? It is a small moment of fame that happen to use to desire since we follow Paul Stella , actor, journalist and editor of Oh My Elle.it Blog, we interviewed for the today's post . We were very curious to know him and obviously he did not let us down : ready for a ride on the red carpet ?

What are your good intentions for this year?

This year I have a single (large) good purpose  to not make intentions , just follow where life leads me without wanting at all costs to direct it to those that I think are my needs are just as often lacks. This year, I'll trust. Convinced , however, that there is a bigger picture and that everything that happens is always for our good. So let's see what happens!

You have seen many red carpets ... Can you tell us a funny story?

Venice is one of the most exciting, Cannes is the glamorous one , but what I enjoyed most was the Bern Ballet in honor of Prince Albert . I arrived almost together with Gina Lollobrigida , the absolute legend of Italian cinema. Immediately after the official photographers there was a group of guys who did the photos with mobile phones. Gina looked at them and with impetus soldier style she came out saying: " Guys do not dare to make pics without flash, otherwise i will look bad on it, just do a good job why don't you." So i understand when they says that you are a Diva in your DNA.

About the red carpet, who are the past Golden Globes best dressed?

Being an actor my best dress judgment is due of a mix about both people talent and the appreciation of their work. venerating Cate Blanchette as an actress I cannot help no to crown her as a woman. One of those women that leaves you gasping for air at the theater, in films and consequently on the red carpet . The collaboration with Armani Prive never disappoints.
Having studied architecture at the university I also liked the clean geometries Ralph Lauren worn by Lupita Nyong'o and superstructure harmonics Giambattista Valli perfectly supported by Berenice Bejo .

For one day you become invisible , what are you going to spy?

The Vatican .

Make a 2014 wish for your readers and all those who follow you.

I hope you will not follow anyone, but to make your way walking to the side of those who will be inspired .

Thanks Paul, we'll do our very best wishes for a wonderful 2014!

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