26 November 2013
Sara Martignoni Como
Are you looking for a great remedy against cold? So call Martignoni! A line of accessories with excellent quality and design, produced entirely in Como, with its exclusive natural yarns that wraps and gives a worm feeling. Sarah has grown among silk, wool, cashmere and with her boyfriend Igor produces this precious fabrics. We wanted to know more in this interview:

What excites you about your work?

Be able to touch the fabrics we produce: wrap, living the life of any woman at any time, they get well with both jeans and evening dresses. And then the colors , clean, positive , pleasant. The softness of the fabrics as not comparison, and tactile sensations always bring me back to childhood.

Can you describe the latest Martignoni product?

Martignoni is growing, without haste, winning its seriousness and culture in the area. I can only anticipate that we are developing a new line of clothing that will surely amaze you!

Your harshest critic?

Igor and I are the first judges of ourselves, we can only propose things that we would use it with pleasure. We do not follow fashion, we impose our own style, however, to adapt to any proposal. And then there are our three teenage children: Nathan, Jacopo and Moritz, three boys already interested in the work of his parents, three directors, three people who we hope one day will want to work with us!

What are the challenges and strengths of your choice to stay in Como?

We are stubborn in wanting to continue to produce our products exclusively in Como despite the difficulties of the historical moment, but it is important to stay here without being dazzled by the proposals of Chinese manufacturers and east in general. We are determined to offer exclusively the best of Made in Italy quality, design, research, color and really want to stand out with an accessory that makes the difference.

The Martignoni's scarves will come into your life and you will: scarves that you'll never, scarves that you will give as a present to the most important people... Simply unique and special, as each of us. A small preview: in one of the next sections of style and you will see how I have interpreted with Luisa our favorites, so stay tuned!

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