07 August 2013
Inside fashion: Donatella Sgroj
The Wednesday appointment was born a little “by chance”: we wanted to interview the people we admire, the bloggers that we follow on Instagram, in short, who is for us a source of inspiration for our fashion and life style researches . Today we have a guest that makes us truly honour: Donatella Sgroj, a Grazia.it (magazine) fashion stylist . I do not want to take up any more time in introductions so here's our wonderful interview:

Which style icon from the past would you choose?

Twiggy, the British super teen model , a 60s style icon: the face of Swinging London. Her androgynous small body ("twiggy" means in fact stick) has marked an entire era. I go crazy for that his ironic face that made her unique! Nowadays choose Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann that represents the today model-actress. Student and socialite,chic, a symbol of natural elegance. 
I like her classic beauty and the expressiveness of his face. 

An elegant and unfussy style which she inherited from his mother Isabella Rossellini. Not to mention that she is the grand daughter of the unforgettable Ingrid Bergman! Impossible not to be charmed by his timeless style, in a time and in a society where prevails appearance and perform at any cost.

The Italian city suitable for shopping? And in the world?

Without hesitation: Bologna, for the hospitality and friendliness of its citizens, one of the most friendly and pleasant in Italy. The Bologna's shopping streets are lively , spreaded with elegant craft shops that make footwear and fine tailored suits. However, there are the most important Italian and international fashion brands ateliers and boutiques. But the most amazing is the pitch market, more commonly known as the Montagnola market , where you can find every garment or accessory and a wide selection of vintage clothes (which I love!).
And in the world London is a fantastic destination for a shopping holiday. From vintage shops to the trendy low cost shop chains to large luxury stores, London has it all with regard to shopping. My favorite place? Camden Market, one of the most famous. Located in the north-west of London, Camden Town, Camden Market is one of the most visited tourist attractions. The market is huge, composed of many small stalls and shops selling clothing, crafts, antiques and food. The colorful shops near the water at the Regent's Canal in Camden Market are a truly unique destination, not only for shopping but also for street style and to understand the trends of tomorrow.

Make a prediction: the must of the unexpected fall:

Categorical return to the past, It is not unexpected, but an explicit request from the moment we are going through. The WISH, HOPE to succeed as did our predecessors, for a second renaissance, writing the story of Italy, which is made it out of the crisis.
Then recall the elegance of the '40s, after World War II, the desire to re-emerge with sobriety, calmness. Emerge an "democratic" idea of fashion, a luxury without ostentation, a style able to accompany all women, even “les petites” in the every life of new and challenging tasks. KEYWORD: chic, femininity and simplicity. The fabrics have a vague taste of the 40s, looks refer to an artistic and elegant strong woman.

There is a start-up of the fashion that has impressed you this year?

Make a way for new Italian talent as Daniele Carlotta. Born in 1985, Sicilian by birth and passionate for fashion talent and vocation, he lives surrounded by fabrics, threads and fine materials from a very young age, and his mother was known as the "Lady Silk", owner of valuable fabrics boutique. I like this Italian talent, excellence and fascinated by the craftsmanship of couture creations, following its inclination with specific studies in Fashion Design and Styling, first to Milan and then to Rome. In November 2005 he opened his own studio in Milan, a few steps from the quadrangle of luxury and fashion, debuting with his namesake line. In Modica, at the same time, his tailoring becomes the point of reference of the high Sicilian society through word of mouth that pervade in the luxurious and inner circle events in which his tailor made clothes stand out because they are able to experiment with elegance and amplify the tailoring skill, within a few months create, an exclusive waiting list of more than 6 months of waiting. This activity allows him to support himself and produced the pret-a-porter collection.
The official debut in the fashion system is done with the Spring Summer 2011 collection thanks to 

which is chosen directly by Dolce & Gabbana for the project Spiga 2, a showcase of great breath strongly supported by the two leading designers to promote the collections of young international talents within the multi-store in Milan, 

Your outfit for these days of big hot (in the gallery):

- Antonio Marras floral print dress or alternatively dress of lemon Vivetta: I love both collections, reminiscent of of my mother style a sartorial elegance and uniqueness of the details;
- Marni flat Sandals or Paloma Barceló if the day goes quick steps; wedge of black lace-Castaner if the rhythm is slower!
- Shoulder strap of Chloe Marcie;
- Ring of Gerardo Sacco Zodiac ;
- Indispensable Cruciani four-leaf clover bracelet .

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