10 July 2013
Simona and Fiammetta are really a nice couple: they are mother and daughter, the protagonists of a very useful and full of ideas for children and adults blog, “Fiammisday”. In this interview, Simona tells us about his hectic, working mom like us know very well, days - and give some advise to face the summer with our children without forgetting style and comfort.

Your day starts with?

My day starts at seven with an inevitable and smell good coffee, a shower that helps me to wake up, kiss my little girl who is still sleeping and that fills my heart and a super deep breath before plunging into the daily frenzy. Then I'll jump without thinking: I get dressed, put makeup on, i wake up Fiammetta , prepare breakfast, get her dressed, I usually take five bags (one for kindergarten, mine, one for my job – i do accountant - one for the change to bring to the grandmother, and one for some occurrence), I greet Lorenzo which is invested by all the fuss, I take off the meat from the freezer, I go out, I lock the door and then I open it at eight o'clock in the evening. Here, my day begins.

Who in the family takes longer to get dressed in the morning ?

It may seem incredible, but, as a family, we are all very fast. I prepare everything the night before, so in the morning I get dressed in a snap and i don't need to get mad to find things on the closed. I do dress Fiammetta which for the moment give no resistence . His clothes are ready the night before and we do not spend more than two minutes to get ready. Lorenzo is a man and chosen the basic colors (blue and white), the rest comes by itself.

Your favorite color to wear? And for the little ones?

My favorite color is white, especially in summer. A dress (maybe lace), a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, all white (with the indispensable jeans), they would do, for me, the whole wardrobe. Black, is our friend and remains the protagonist of my winter wardrobe. Green and blue together, really chic. For the little ones love the pastels and neutral colors . Perfect is pale pink, light yellow, the ecru for females. Adorable beige, light blue, white for the boys. Finally, I love the red, for both females and males. It will, among other things, be the true color MUST for the next winter season. To match with blue and black.

What is the accessory that kids love to wear?

The only accessory that, to me, is really particular and also useful (for both sexes) is the scarf. Anyone who follows my Fiammisday blog knows that for us is really a key object and that there are so many wonderful ways to use it. More than a scarf, which protects from the wind and that beautifies, I find it wonderful even as bandana for the summer heat, as a belt bracelet (using smaller headscarf) and also, taking a bigger one that can suit the mother for a day at the sea.

It 's true that only girls like fashion?

I believe that if you love fashion, doesn't count if you're female, male, child, adult. If you've got inside, sooner or later explodes, it turns you out. And i see many elegant and well dressed boys around ...

Here comes the great heat: what to wear to the youngest?

For the great heat, I first recommend for our children to wear breathable natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen, neutral colors (no black in the sun) and simple shapes. Light dresses that are not too tight , suits, smock or cotton leggings for girls. Bermuda shorts and t-shirt in cotton for boys. For both extra attention to shoes. The feet grow during this period,evaluate properly before buying a new pair of shoes and pay attention to the sole, the materials and the quality that they offer. The foot should be free, fresh and well protected. A hat to keep in your purse or scarf, and if your child stand them, a good pair of glasses, the accessories will not be forgotten at home this summer that finally has arrived!

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