19 June 2013
Maria Host-Ivessich
What a thrill to interview Maria Host-Ivessich, one of the public and DDmag most loved Grazia's IT-Girls . We asked her so many questions to retrace the story of a passion born within her house walls and that has led her to be known and appreciated for an unmistakable"preppy"style.

Your biography is a mix of a different cultures and experiences: can you tell us a little of this successful packwork ?

My mother is Dutch-Indonesian, my father Italian, as well as my grandparents: in short, quite a mix, and I have to say that I like it . I was born and raised in Milan, where at age of 15 I started to do the model (although unconvinced: i am quite shy), and once finished high school I tried to turn it into a full-time job. I traveled a lot in that time, for me it was a real school of life because it allowed me to grow and open up. There I knew what I wanted to do really, go the "other side" of the fence. So I've back in Italy and studied styling, and then start doing assistance and everything else.

What kind of job you immaged to do when you were a child? And now, on what project you're working on?

I've always been attracted to fashion, it is afamily "gene" : both my mother and my grandmother are fashion buyers therefore their influence was very important. The only thing was to understand which role could suite to my personality: I changed my mind often, finally, after the model experience i start study styling. And from there I discovered the videomaking and art director: in short, i'm always looking for the perfect way to communicate an image. Now i opened a blog about food with my friend Joan , another great passion! It's called "Le Magnatine" is fun because it is a food blog from the point of view of those ... eat!

The last clothing item that you have purchased and cannot wait to wear?

It's actually a gift: a Vivetta dress of candy pink colour organza, knee-length, wheel style, and two female white-gloved hands that sustain it as shoulder pads. It's so enchanted! These pieces are almost "unique" those who give me most satisfaction.

What is the secret to recognize if an accessory or a dress will become a must-have?

To be honest, I do not like the word "must-have" and it not belong to me: but if we talk about personal love at first sight, it can occur with everything, but in particular i get hit with pieces that tell a story just by looking at them, those who are "on" for themself!

IT-girl for Grazia: tell us your experience?

It 's a very nice thing of Grazia and the girls are like a big family, all I do is take pictures with my mobile phone to all that I think may be of interest and above all about things that i really love.

We know that you love Pinterest: who we absolutely have to follow up on this beautiful social?

It's true, I'm a Pinterest-maniac, is one of the reasons why I love surfing internet. I put my little, because the images that I collect are a confused and undisciplined mixture on my desktop single folder , for to split boards would be a crazy job! I love to find people with boards full of pure inspiration, immagination, boards with a interesting 'fil rouge' , such as those of:

Studio Fludd, a collective of Venice, full of ispiration;
Igor + André stories told with images;
Catherine: lingerie & vintage, two of my great passions :)
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