29 May 2013
Cécile story
An aunt, a wardrobe and many computers are some of the protagonists of the of Cécile story , the signature, the mind and the inconfonbile style behind the blog “The cabinet of the crime”. We love this French girl from the start: you can get to know her better in this interview.

Cécile we have to tell you: we love your blog. Can you reveal your secret?

On my blog “The cabinet of the crime” I like to talk about vintage, French style, but also slow fashion and discover small quality boutique to show to my readers, Without taking fashion too seriously. The important thing for me is to have fun and talk to other girls who have the same passion.

About passion: When did your for vintage?

I was born in 1980, my mother had decided that the fashion of the 80s was far too ugly to be worn. So during the early years of our lives, my sister and I were dressed in 60s and 70s fashion style. Through this I learned to choose what pleases me regardless of current fashion. In addition, around the age of 10 or 12 years, I found a picture of my aunt as a child wearing a beautiful coat 40 years. The photo was taken during the Second World War: My aunt was a refugee and was experiencing some terrifying, but she was the most elegant of all the children I had seen in my life. So I started looking for a 40s coat and old family photo album. Well, I am a vintage girl since ever.

The coolest thing you found in the family old cabinets ?

Ah, what a difficult question! I am very sentimental and i found beautiful everything that reminds me of the people I love! In the family closets there are the '20s one that my grandmother wore during his years in Paris, the pastel-colored skirts of my aunts who were teenagers in the 50s, the little 'hippies clothes of my mother when she was a mathematics student , and then there is the whole Aunt Cecilia wardrobe which I sell on Etsy!

Do you like the vintage markets?

I could spend hours in the vintage markets, looking for hats, coats, dresses ... and even a little home furnitures. In every situation I have to admit that I hesitate a lot before buying. Now I'm looking for leather color handbag , I hope to found it for this summer.

What is the most beautiful vintage market in Italy? And in Europe?

I am lucky, My favorite Italian vintage market is the “Gran Balon”in Turin, my city, which it held every second Sunday of the month. And 'immense, really vintage market. In Europe, I really like “Les Puces du Canal”, in Villeurbane a suburb area of Lyon, where there are few clothes but lots of furniture from the 50s and 70s.

There is a contemporary designer who manages to surprise you most of others? And the most good of the past?

I admire the genius of Miuccia Prada, who year after year innovates more than any other, yet is always inspired by the past. I believe in fashion as in life, we can not move forward without a good foundation. The past design hero is Christian Dior, who at the end of the '40s invented the "new look": a sweet and feminine silhouette that inspired those beautiful years.


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