22 May 2013
The Old Now Magazine
The Old Now is one of the most popular blogs of the moment, i really like it because it speaks of many of my passions, such as fashion, beauty but also travel and technology. I met Laura, who takes care of the blog every day who is also recommended by Grazia.it, and I asked many questions to get to know better. The result is a lively and interesting interview, just like The Old Now.

When you have decided to open the blog, how did you image it? Can you describe with three adjectives!

When I opened the blog I imagined essential, colorful and personal.

What do your readers and your followers prefere? And how do you communicate?

My readers loves the variety of news that we publish, the constancy, the fact that contents and images are always excellent in quality, and that we do not just publish information from the press offices, we re-elaborate and enriching it with our feelings and impressions . We communicate in an easy and efficient way , always trying to use a language appropriate for the topic, but at the same time easy-to-insight for the reader. The daily life then is an essential element for our followers, who like to wake up and find new information on line!

The favorite blog social network? And for your free time?

The favorite blog social network is definitely Instagram: simple and intuitive. The images are very communicative. In my free time I have a predilection for Twitter. On both you can find me as Laura_theoldnow

A must-have fashion? The trip for next summer? The design object of the moment? The food that you can't say no?

For me the Must-have fashion of this season is denim shirts! A real must have!
The trip for next summer is still top secret, but I can reveal that there will be a sea!
The design fascinates me, from the Pantone boxes to the items for the kitchen. Right now I'm passionate about style shabby chic, is impossible not to fall in love!
The food is one of the reasons why life is worth living. Nutella, pizza and sushi here is the three elements of which I could not do without!

An evening on the couch: What is your TV programme advice?

Evening on the couch: the choice is always of a film, discarding the thriller and cartoons.
Howeve, if then I discover some documentary, the film is left for another night!

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