23 April 2013
Silvia's note
Read his blog is finding a trunk full of unexpected and beautiful treasures: photos, notes of style, taste tips, lines written in a passionate way ... All this is S'Notes, notes that Silvia is dedicating to Milan. In this interview with DDmag she tells us everything and more. To read and read again!

Hello Silvia, can you tell us about you?

With pleasure! I am 35 years old and I was born and raised up in Puglia, a small village in the province of Brindisi: San Vito dei Normanni. I moved to Milan to study engineering at the Polytechnic school , and despite several years of study and work in London and Netherlands, i always come back in Milano, my adopted hometown!In my free time, i like to walk or ride a bike through the streets of Milan to discover new and interesting places to photograph and then describe them in words and pictures in the blog S'Notes (which I opened in February 2011). In April of this year I decided to create an app “Enjoy My Milan:” a little guide where I collected my Milanese favorite places when it comes to cocktails, brunch, bakery, culture, shopping, gardens. A small pocket compass to find the best of Milan!

We liked your blog from the beginning, both for its design and the photos, are yours?

Yes they are the result of my long walks around Milan. I always carry a camera in my bag for to capture the moment, a glimpse, or a place that strikes me! At the end of the day my back is affected by the weight of his partner in bulky bag, but review the photos and post them on the blog is for me the best anti-inflammatory.

You have discovered all the addresses by yourself or you have some "spies" in the city?

The addresses of which I speak on the blog are the result of my reading on the web or in newspapers. I'm curious! But I also can not deny i have some spies: my followers are very good and very careful to report me, spontaneously, what they themselves discover in Milan! By now they know my taste and they know how to direct me to perfection!

For those coming to Milan for the first time, what is the first thing to see, the first thing to do and the first dish to be tasted?

I've been thinking deeply about this question so as not to seem trivial response. But there is no escape: you can not say they've been to Milan without seeing the Duomo, getting lost in the beautiful streets of Brera and have eaten one of the classic dishes of the city: the risotto alla Milanese (try the restaurant La Manner of Carlo or for those who can afford it, the Veranda Hotel Four Seasons).

And the most hidden corner to discover by those who attended Milan but always in a hurry?

Milan now has no more secrets for those who truly love this city! But I must admit that only a few years ago I discovered two places that have impressed me and I had never noticed before. One of these places is the beautiful facade of the Casa Galimberti, in Street Malpighi 3, in Art Nouveau style and decorated with women that hold baskets of fruit. Really spectacular!
The other secret corner and, sadly, almost forgotten, is located in Street San Gregorio 5: The red brick wall outside the Orthodox church is all that remains of the old and famous hospital for lepers that has been described by Alessandro Manzoni's Promessi Sposi. It will not be particularly beautiful, but quite charming and evocative. Just like Milano itself!

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