13 March 2013
Shop Therapy
Laura has no doubt , she tells to Ddmag in a passionate interview : “fashion is a slight cure for serenity”. That's why her fashion blog is called Shop Therapy.

Tell us about your ideal day of shopping.

My ideal day's shopping is a rare event and therefore precious. I prefer solitude in order to consider only my needs, my time and my inclinations. If I have to cuddle myself, a healthy selfishness can prevails for once ...
I am looking for areas where I am sure you can find several shops that are cozy, they propose a fashion made of unique pieces or limited edition and still speak the language of the ancient arts craft, where I know I can have a nice talk, listen to good stories and good advice. I always choose the slow and long walks in a cave of wonders and more. Do not miss a break for a snack.
After this treatment i am calm and happy for several days. Therapy guaranteed!

Why do women love shopping so much?

I think there are a lot of reasons, it is an irresistible conspiracy shopping is a self gratification like few other things manage to be, we feel powerful, winners for few minutes. I also believe it is in our DNA, we have artifacts dating back to ancient times, telling us of tinsel for the body and hair. We always dressed up, to increase our seductive power, and the game is started at the time of the nursery. In a consumer society like ours the needs is magnified by heavy advertising and packaging of many psychological pressures. Although, i realize that something is changing.

The perfect city for Shop Therapy?

It is more an idea than a real city. A perfect city for shopping from my point of view, it should be able to maintain the strong historical artistic and creative spirit of some of its neighborhoods and protect of the anonymous invasion of major retail chains. Personally, I loved the Village New York, like Brooklyn, so full of places of wonders. "My" Milan is hard but still retains many bastions of great beauty worthy of his lofty sartorial tradition, craftsmanship and fashionable. Then love Modena, Bologna, Catania and Florence ... the important thing is knowing how to look for places that have something unique and special to offer.

Your latest discovery?

A woman, a successful lawyer, that has dedicated to the design of beautiful bags, very feminine, rich in detail. I'll speak very soon: another good story to tell, behind the objects you want to watch.

So, you convinced?

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