28 October 2014
Halloween is coming

The week of Halloween has arrived. I really like this celebration because is one of those moments in which my husband and I have fun in creating a funny environment to spend time with our children, committing with them in little project which stimulate their creativity.

Firstly, to create a magical atmosphere we went to buy some big and little pumpkins to be placed on our windows; afterwards we created the ghost costume with some old bed sheets: now it looks like a haunted house! A nice and beautiful alternative is the Halloween Collection by Fabelab, an Nordic company of fabrics that I adore and which always develops interesting things. The blanket I chose has got some holes in it which turn the children into fantastic little ghosts!

When the evening of the 31st of October arrived, before going to bed we all gather on the sofa and watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a yearly appointment with Tim Burton’s animated cartoon where Skellington, prince of Halloween, wants to ruin Christmas: I can only suggest it!

During the evening there always are my home-baked cookies and a good warm milk cup…

Enjoy! I’ll see you next week with more discoveries and tips.


PS: For the most careful mums: pumpkin has got important properties such as vitamin A, C and beta carotene. Moreover, it helps against insomnia, it soothes asthma, repairs hair damages and reinforce nails. Not scary at all!!

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